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children with vision impairment

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NoodlesMam Thu 08-Sep-11 16:13:05

Hi, I found a thread in childrens health from pinkmama who has just found out that her DD has a deteriorating VI. I recommended she re-post on here because of all the support I got from you lovely people when I posted after finding out my DD will be blind. She's put it in SN Teens but no-one's replied and from what I can see it doesn't get as much traffic as on here.

I don't know how to bump or put a link but if you could have a look and post any advice/support you might have I'm sure she would appreciate it, as did I!

Thank you!

bigbluebus Thu 08-Sep-11 16:40:28

Don't have any experience to offer advice here, but attempting to post link so hopefully others will see it who can help.

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