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Seminar on Autism

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AnnieLobeseder Wed 07-Sep-11 09:38:57

Sorry to invade the SN board, I got an email about this and thought some of you might be interested:

Title: When will we understand Autism Spectrum Disorders?

* Starts: 6.30pm on 26 October 2011
* Finishes: 7.30pm on 26 October 2011
* Venue: The Royal Society, London<>
The 2011 Rosalind Franklin Award Lecture will be given by Professor Francesca Happ?

It is agonising for a parent, troubling for a clinician, and puzzling for a researcher when a young child seems oblivious to people, is fixated on spinning objects, and shows no sign of communicating. An adult who finds their own inner states opaque, consistently misjudges social situations, and is helpless in the face of any change from preferred routine, is no less of a mystery. When will we understand autism spectrum disorders?

This talk presents a cognitive neuroscience perspective on what might be some of the obstacles standing in the way of major scientific breakthroughs in the science

Tota1Xaos Wed 07-Sep-11 22:47:03

Thanks v much for posting, sounds interesting, shame I live too far from London.

coff33pot Thu 08-Sep-11 12:07:34

That would have been interesting to go to but it is the other end of the world for me.

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