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Can I ask for a referral to a particular paediatrician?

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zen1 Tue 06-Sep-11 20:42:47

We are under the local Community Paediatrician, who has been seeing DS for a year (twice in all!). I am absolutely convinced he has ASD, his SN pre-school (who have had many children with ASD pass through their doors) have strong suspicians and his SALT has referred him to another SALT who specialises in social communication disorders as she has seen a lot of "red flags". However, every time I raise my concerns to the paed, she just says she sees no signs, citing his 'sociability'. The SALT, who is very good, has intimated that the paed does not have much experience with ASD and implied that she doesn't have a good track record of recognising signs. I am really concerned that if we stay under this paed, DS will never be dianosed with anything other than "delays".

I was wondering if anyone knew whether I could ask my GP to refer DS to a particular paediatrician in London (we're in Greater London) for an assessment or whether I had to stay under our current paed as we're already in the system?

MangoMonster Tue 06-Sep-11 20:48:43

Yes, you can.

zen1 Tue 06-Sep-11 20:50:40


lisad123 Tue 06-Sep-11 20:59:03

You can of course ask, BUT if they are in the same tea it may be an issue.
Dd1 was rereferred but put under different pead but we managed to get her changed to old one. When dd2 was referred we requested the same pead as dd1 an got her grin

BagdadCafe Tue 06-Sep-11 21:06:26
NHS Choose and Book to find services, either local or anywhere else, not restricted to your PCT.
Dr Foster to find consultants, NHS and private, and check out hospitals.

NHS referral is by GP or other clinician. Consultants may or may not want a referral for private practice, usually not bothered in my experience.

Previous medical notes are useful if you can request them to be transferred or copied within the NHS. If you or they can't track them down, your own notes of symptoms are invaluable anyway.

Second opinion in the NHS is not usually a problem these days, best done through GP. You may have to make a case for it; appear reasonable, polite and grateful but don't hesitate to express doubts about diagnosis 'I don't like saying this but...' GPs know docs have different areas of expertise, but have to treat in general practice within their specialism, and that 'so-and-so might be the best person to talk to about x'.

Any probs, try obtaining letter from SN pre-school, or SALT, or see another GP in the practice. The only problem major I ever had was GP refused tertiary referral without letter from county hospital consultant - solved that by going private for first consultation then consultant kindly took us on NHS. GPs are a lot more daring now that it has been suggested they commission.

Wish you and DS the best.

zen1 Wed 07-Sep-11 19:21:09

Thanks lisad123 and for that very useful info Bagdad. I'm sure the preschool would do me a letter if I asked. I am seeing the SALT tomorrow so I'll get her opinion. That's interesting about you going private and then the consultant taking you on NHS. The same has just happened to my dad with a private consultant he was seeing offering him further appointments on NHS. Good to see there are some nice medical practitioners around grin

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