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my head is spinning with the uncertainity of it all

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janx Tue 06-Sep-11 18:10:56

Hope you don't mind me just spilling things out - I just feel like I don't know whether I am coming on going. Ds has severe verbal dyspraxia - he is 3.8. I also have a NT dd of 6. Ds is at nursery 3 days a week and doesn't have access to any proper provision as we live out of borough. He has been receiving some therapy in the borough we live. A few months ago it was suggested that we might apply for a ms sch with a language resource offer - it would be for a full time nursery place. This is a different sch to my dd. A panel is meeting on 5 October and ds fits their criteria but he may or may not get a place depending on who else applies. If accepted he could start in November. So in the meantime I don't whether to give notice to nursery or wait to see what happens. I have spoken to my boss about changing my working hours - but again I can't set this in stone until I know. As for ds - I have not mentioned it as it seems to vague. DD is going to be upset as she is assuming her brother is going to go to the same school. I have the whole sch run prob to try and figure out as the schools are in different directions......can I just shout AARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

Galena Tue 06-Sep-11 18:37:59

It's very hard, but 5th October is only a few weeks away now and then you'll know one way or another. Would you consider putting DD into the other school if they have space and DS does get a place? I know it's hard thinking about moving her for no apparent reason, but for the next 5 years it would make the school run easier. As for giving nursery notice - could you simply be upfront with them and tell them what's going on and the timeline so they know it's a possibility?

I hope for your sake the next month passes quickly for you.

janx Tue 06-Sep-11 19:17:54

Thanks for replying. We have thought about moving dd but she is so happy where she is I don't feel I can atm. I think they will let us know fairly soon after the 5th so you are right it isn't too far away. I will feel a whole lot better when I know where we are with the place. I am going to talk to nursery tomorrow - one of the other mums mentioned a three month notice period but I don't recall that hmm

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