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Daily Mail article on Friday

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ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 10:09:03

Who hasn't seen it? A friend bought in the paper for me today. A double page spread on a woman in her 40's who has Down's syndrome. I've only half read it as I want to be on my own when I do so, not in a busy office, but it's wonderful. She works as an artist from home, is married and is basically a very interesting articulate woman. The article is written by herself not the journalist which makes it all the better to read.

doormat Tue 21-Oct-03 10:25:19

Thomcat I havent seen the article but it sounds like a lovely, inspirational story

prufrock Tue 21-Oct-03 10:35:52

Yes I saw it and thought it was wonderful in terms of the positive message about people with Downs, but terrible in terms of some of the awful attitudes she has had to face over her life.

Also - in the TV advert for working in childcare, does the second child shown have Downs?

ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 10:41:47

Ohhhh - I've searched the net and can't find it anywhere to give you a link. Her name is Anya Souza and the article was on 17 October on pages 34 & 35. She was telling her sroty to Lesley Gibson.
I hope you manage to find it. I'll have one more look.

Davros Tue 21-Oct-03 11:06:49

Prufrokc, yes I thought the 2nd child in that ad had Downs. A good message then that jobs in childcare include children with SEN.

ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 11:08:40

Prufrock - if you mean the little girl who wants to be an actress and wear a wig - then yes she does have DS.

ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 11:08:54

Prufrock - if you mean the little girl who wants to be an actress and wear a wig - then yes she does have DS.

eidsvold Tue 21-Oct-03 14:03:54

yeh it was Anya Souza... she is brilliant - saw her and her partner at the DSA AGM.... she was selling her work - it was gorgeous but did not fancy trying to get it home in one piece after two tubes and a rail journey home - with babe and all our stuff....

Brilliant article.

ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 14:07:20

Oh I'm glad you saw it. She's great isn't she.

coppertop Thu 23-Oct-03 08:57:03

She was in the Daily Mail again yesterday, talking about people considering abortion because of DS. It's on page 4.

coppertop Thu 23-Oct-03 09:51:46

Thought Anya's point about the lack of prejudice in small children was a good one. I was so upset when my DS friend moved to a special school when I was 7. I still wonder how he is doing.

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