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applying for Mobility on its own?

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lisad123 Sun 04-Sep-11 18:20:47

DD2 get care part of DLA but she was under three when we applied. If I apply for the mobility part, do i have to do all the care stuff again? She was given it for 5 years and it pays for all her SN school stuff and therapy and am so worried she will lose it if we have to do it all again.

5inthebed Sun 04-Sep-11 18:52:09

Hiya Lisa, you call up and ask for a pack to be sent out, and in the pack will be two forms. One for mobility and one for care. You just ned to fill out the mobility one and send that back. IIRC, there is also a slip for you to tick which part you want looking at again.

Did this for Ds2 last year.


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