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Free cinema passes for disabled child or carer..

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FagAshLill Sun 04-Sep-11 09:11:26

Free cinema ticket for either diasbled person or the carer.


I was just chatting with a member of staff at my local cineworld and mentioned in passing that I was waiting for my card to arrive ...well blow me, he gave ds a free ticket anyway.

I offered to show his his letter stating that he was in receipt of DLA because it was in my bag for another thing I have to do later in the week, but he was fine about that too.

BabeRuthless Sun 04-Sep-11 11:37:42

That's such a handy link, thanks for that. Ds has asd & we've been umming & ahhing about taking him to the cinema but cost was one of the problems. Might give this a crack.

FagAshLill Sun 04-Sep-11 11:45:56

I've read somewhere that some places so special screenings for kids with ASD.

They make sure the room is a little cooler, the sound is turned down and they keep the lights on low. I'll see if I can fink the link for you. It may be worth asking is they do these at your local cinema.

BabeRuthless Sun 04-Sep-11 12:13:58

I had a look earlier in the summer but our local cinema wasn't doing it. Odeon do quite regularly I think but it's a bit of a trek to our nearest one whereas we have a Cineworld just round the corner

unpa1dcar3r Sun 04-Sep-11 13:27:37

You don't actually need the CEA cards. I don't have them. Husband is now at cinema with boys with no card and he gets in free. I have this from their head office and also a letter which I printed from Phil Clapp their CEO.
The card is "only one way to demonstrate a need for assistance" but not essential. You can if you wish take a DLA letter or some such thing but that's personal choice.
The cards cost around £10 per yr time you get the photo's done- they used to last for 3 yrs- so I don't bother.

wasuup3000 Sun 04-Sep-11 13:33:27

The cards cost £5 a year

5inthebed Sun 04-Sep-11 13:44:32

Both cinemas near me do the ASD screnings, they are fantastic and not just ASD inclusive. I have seen chidlren with other SN there. The lights are dimmed slightly, the noise not as loud and nobody minds if your child runs around a bit or makes noise.

I might invest in a CEA card.

unpa1dcar3r Sun 04-Sep-11 14:49:24

The cards are £5.50 but then you have passport photo's to get too which are around £5. For me that's £20 odd per yr inc photo's.
I don't bother, just tell them they're disabled and we go free. You don't need a card. I know I'm repeating myself but it seems a bit daft buying one when you don't need one to gain free entry. confused

glitch Sun 04-Sep-11 15:15:39

I personally would just find it easier with a card than having to explain each time. DS has ASD though so outwardly can (sometimes) seem pretty normal.

unpa1dcar3r Sun 04-Sep-11 16:34:42

Yes I understand that Glitch but the fault lies with the lack of information given to staff and their approach is inconsistent. I have told head office that they need to include this issue when they do their training on disability awareness (which apparently they do regularly) and they have said they will.
The thing is I don't mind standing and arguing with them if they're funny with me, and I always get in free but I understand this can be counter productive to a pleasant trip out with your children.

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