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Placement at Special school - how to get one

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numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 12:08:31

Dd started mainstream secondary last yr and it was such a disaster i pulled her out and have been home schooling since then. However she is keen to go to school and a local special needs school has been suggested to us by a couple of people in the know. We have had her reassesed by chld psych and she is around 7 yrs behind accademicaly. She has global developmental delay, adhd, some social and behavioural problems and is pos asd. She is statemented. What do i need to say to CSET and the LEA when i write to them asking for a place there? I hav espoken to CSET on the phone and they were very negative (as i expected) but the school have told me they have a place and child pysch are optimistic about her getting in. Obviously i am expecting to fight for it!

Lougle Fri 02-Sep-11 12:11:57

I would think that as you are homeschooling, you should make the LA aware that you would like her to return to the school environment, but that you think a Special school would be the best environment, given her complex needs. It is possible, that if the school have a place, then it won't be a hassle.

numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 12:19:39

Am hoping the homeschooling will be in our favour in as much as we tried mainstream and it clearly failed.

AlysWho Fri 02-Sep-11 12:37:54

I had to explain that we had exhausted all other options. Our SS was/is full, but I went in and spoke to HT who was really helpful and squeezed dd in. The term Complex needs seems to be the key for SS placements. I did whinge a lot, by email, and said that I couldnt cope with her at home anymore and that if there was no provision available locally, that I would have to request residential school, as she has a need for a 24hour curriculum. Which is true and I did start the process with support from IPSEA. I think this was the point at which the SEN manager and Social services took some real notice. We then had MDT meetings in which a place was created, pt at first but now f/t from sep. i also got SS to pay for a carer for the days she was off school.
I would worry a little that as you have provided home ed for yr dd, then the (no doubt ovrstreched LA) will drag its heels a bit as you appear to be coping? I dont know its just a hunch. You might neeed to clearly point out reasons why this is no longer an option ? x

numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 12:56:06

I'm not coping anymore, i had to give up my job and it's affecting the other dc's as she is becoming very protective of me and our time and doesn't think anyone else should be part of it i.e if one of them is home ill she makes their life hell as in her eyes they shouldn't be there. Will use the complex needs term - alot! Thanks for your advise.

numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 12:56:30

And thanks also for your advice grin

ohappydays Fri 02-Sep-11 16:36:02

You could ask for the statement to be revised and ask for a special needs school to be named on the statement. Contact IPSEA and they will talk you through the process

AlysWho Sat 03-Sep-11 11:12:57

Thats true ohappy but dd has transferred without her statement being ammended. It still reads as a place at her old school. The key for us was the new expert HT's can-do attitude, and everyone working together.

ohappydays Sat 03-Sep-11 13:35:01

Thats brilliant AlysWho - you can transfer without the statement being amended - hopefully numptsysmummy wont have to go through the whole process. Your daughters will probably be changed at the next annual review

Numptsymummy - it is helps to state why her needs were not being met in the mainstream and how now they are not being meet at home. The report of the ed psy will be invaluabel. Also hint that if they cannot provide a place at your choosen school you will have to have funding for private provision
Good luck

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