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Dd's start new school next week, dd2 already upset, am i wrong to consider home ed?

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Marne Fri 02-Sep-11 09:06:30

Both dd's are starting a new school next week, communication with the school has been crap, we are taking her 1:1 with us but school have cut her hours, 1:1 was ment to stay in contact with us over the holidays and see dd2 a few times but she has not contacted us sad, school have not even contacted us to tell us what day they go back or to discus how they are going to settle dd2 in, we have had no list for uniform and no meetings to discus dd2 and her statement.

The dd's had 3 visits before the end of term and both seemed happy but now if i mention it to dd2 she says 'no, no, no' and dd1 is really worried.

Dd2 used to have full time 1:1 (30hrs) at the old school but the new school want to cut it to 20 hours meening 3 afternoons a week she will not have 1:1. I am tempted to take her out for these afternoons and work with her at home (this would include SALT and horse riding to improve muscle tone, also to teach her life skills). I would love to home ed her full time but i feel she needs the social side of school to improve her social skills, there are not many home ed families near by to socialise with.

Is it possable to part home ed??

Am i just panicking? maybe i should see how they get on at school first??

IndigoBell Fri 02-Sep-11 10:01:41

You can home ed part time - it's called flexi schooling.

It's up to the HTs discretion whether to allow it or not - but there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn't. (Although of course he may not be aware of all the rules surrounding it smile )

If you think you can teach her more out of school than in school, then it sounds like an excellent idea.

I just think you need to be clear if you're doing it because of her lack of 1:1 or because you think it's a good idea regardless.....

Marne Fri 02-Sep-11 10:19:37

We are pushing for the 1:1 for 30 hours, he statement states 30hrs TA (but doesn't have to be all 1:1), her case worker agrees that she needs 30hrs 1:1 on the grounds that she needs help with toileting and has no sense of danger and has told me to arrange a meeting with the school next week to try and sort something out.

The main reason i want to do it is because of the lack of 1:1 but also i feel like i can teach her more life skills which will be more use to her and be able to take her riding as part of her physio (our local Riding for the desabled is only open during school hours), but i also feel its important for her to mix with other children to improve social skills.

AlysWho Fri 02-Sep-11 11:14:33

Flexi schooling sounds like a good idea if the school are not being supportive. I assume you have no choice of other schools? We were lucky enough to get RDA as part of school prvision, but I agree if you feel you can manage beneficial activities with your dc's then why not work out a p/t schooling timetable, picking out the bits that would benefit most? is there anyone helpful at school or in the LA you can liase with? ie inclusion officer, social worker, SENCO- anyone (semi)trust worthy? I know from this board that it varies massively from area to area! My SS and LA liason officer are ok as long as you keep an eye on them (!) they mean well grin
I can imagine how let down you feel by school and TA not getting in touch over hols, but I really think you should try and put that aside and take the lead to manage your daughters care, and phone, email, and arrange visits asap. Its in your best interests to have the best working relationship you can with these people! Hope that doesn't sound too patronising! Its just I've been there myself and let things get to a desperate place, feeling isolated and alone, but if you dont ask for help, you'll never get it right? As vereyone in our LA says- 'its the ones that shout the loudest that get the help, unfortunately'.. If I had my time again, I'd NEVER wait for anyone to get in touch with us! I've had to toughen up massively and plough straight in, neutrally and nicely, and making requets as clearly and acheivable as possible. And always thank them for thier 'ongoing support'.. I know BLLEURGHHH.. but works for me.
Good luck x

AlysWho Fri 02-Sep-11 12:42:39

Gosh just re read that- Bleurgh looks a bit silly.. blush
i do normally mean it wen I thank people for their support. i dont know why I wrote that : (

mariamagdalena Fri 02-Sep-11 22:54:53

Marne, that sounds like a great idea. If you are having slt & riding sessions on those afternoons maybe it can be logged as an 'appointment' while you get the flexi school authorised. Though better for statement purposes if the school can admit on paper they can't cope without the 1:1 present.

mariamagdalena Fri 02-Sep-11 22:56:57

Dd1 and 2 may be picking up your new school apprehension a bit, along with their own of course.

Marne Fri 02-Sep-11 23:00:04

Spoke to her 1:1 today (bumped into her at the park), she said dd2 needs 30hrs 1:1, she said she struggled to cover everything on dd2's statement at the old school in the 30hrs, now the statement has physio added to it so even more for her to cover, she also said she was worried about dd2 not having anyone to eat lunch with her (dd2 eats in a class room with TA), so she will happily back me in fighting for the 30hrs. So i guess we will have to see what happens over the next 2 weeks and go from there, i'm still keen on the flexi schooling.

zzzzz Sat 03-Sep-11 04:25:37

We flexi schooled for the last 2 terms and it has been fantastic. Ds came home at lunch time and had 1,1 in the mornings during literacy and numeracy and then lunch with me and we did all sorts of things in the afternoon.

Ask the school. Ds goes full time for the first time in a year next week and I am terrified!

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