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Bedtime Meditation for kids ?

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AlysWho Thu 01-Sep-11 09:27:37

I saw this on amazon and I was just wondering if anyones tried it? its got great reviews so she's either got lots of friends (i'm such a cynic) or it might be worth a try! It would make a change from the Toy Story soundtrack, 'you've got afriend in me..' in our house anyway. I do find yoga works for me and dd does little bits from it and seems to benefit..x

streakybacon Thu 01-Sep-11 10:59:53

Not that exact cd, but I used to use a Relax Kids cd for my son when he was about 7-8 yo. It helped him to calm down and stopped him being so fidgety generally, but he was by no means able to settle down on his own and I spent about two years lying with him and modelling how to relax and be still.

We didn't necessarily use it for bedtime though. We fitted it into an early evening routine so that he was able to calm down enough to enjoy some time before bed.

I have to confess, Toy Story soundtrack would wind me up like a spring rather than calm me down grin.

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