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Autumn/Winter clothing for 18month old crawler

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Firsttimer7259 Wed 31-Aug-11 13:00:11

Am posting here rather than style pages as my DD is a late developer. So shes just crawling in the last month. Shes also pulling up to standing as of today (ta-da!!!) BUT I am wondering what to buy for the colder weather. We live in scotland so it is cold and wet and windy. She tends to kick off the rain cover to her pushchair and we dont have a cosy toes.

So should we get a cosy toes or will that just bother her now shes pretty big? Also I would like for her to crawl (maybe even toddle) outdoors this winter. Should I get waterproofs? If so separates or an all in one? This instead of the cosy toes and get warm underthings or fleece lined stuff? Or do we need both?
What about shoes, she just has pram shoes at moment as she's not walking yet. But then how to keep her feet warm in colder weather?
Her delay includes speech so she isnt able to tell me or point if she's bothered by cold or wet thats seeped in anywhere, but she also absolutely hates being too warm.

I'd like something practical in terms of getting about and getting her in and out of things. I also dont want a screaming child in pram and being completely at a loss as to whats wrong.

I grew up in the tropics and find it difficult to know what to do with this kind of weather. What do you recommend?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 31-Aug-11 14:03:13

I'm not sure a cosy toes will be big enough for her now, I seem to remember not using mine past 18 months. I'd go for wrapping a nice warm blanket over her legs, you can always sew a couple of bits of ribbon onto the blanket so you can tie it to the buggy frame if she's likely to kick it off. You can pick all in one waterproofs up quite cheaply in sports direct at the moment if you wanted to give that a try and you can put tights under trousers for extra warmth. Lots of thinner layers are usually quite good as you can just whip off the top layer if she's a little hot.

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