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Choosing a high school.

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Youremindmeofthebabe Wed 31-Aug-11 10:22:59

Hi there. I am posting this on behalf of my friend, so please excuse me if I seem confuddled or am not clear on certain things!

Her son is due to start high school next year, and is statemented. She needs to go to them with a name of a school in our area, Leeds boundary. She wants to balance his safety with a decent curriculum for him to follow, and hopes he will be given an opportunity to follow the full curriculum. She wants a high school with good experience of a range of disabilities. Can anyone give any advice on good schools in the Leeds area, preferably south Leeds, or advise what questions she should be asking of schools?

Thank you.

IndigoBell Wed 31-Aug-11 15:57:04

She wants to go to a mainstream school, right?

Then she needs to make an appointment with the SENCO of all the schools she's interested in and ask them!

Her current primary school may be able to advise, but they're often reluctant to.

If she looks at the league tables she can also tell how many statemented kids they have, and what their exam results are like. I'd be wary of a school with very high exam results.....

Youremindmeofthebabe Thu 01-Sep-11 11:52:45

Oh, thank you! We didn't know those tables existed. The school that education leeds is pushing is on there, with quite a high number of statemented kids. Thanks for the advicesmile

numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 11:57:38

Can anyone advise me on what i should be writing in a letter to CSET re trying to get my dd a place at a special school? She was in mainstream primary and started at a mainstream secondary last sept but i pulled her in the nov due to bullying,the work being far to hard etc etc. Child pysch is in support as is her paediatrician. She has a chromsome disorder,adhd and significant learning disabilities - working at 6 yrs below her chronological age at best,7 yrs and below at best. She also has some asd tendencies.

numptysmummy Fri 02-Sep-11 11:58:40

Ooops, sorry op - that should have been a seperate post of my own, noy trying to hijack blush

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