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Sleep issues

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RinkyDinkyDoo Tue 30-Aug-11 18:33:25

Hi,I have been reading this board with great interest-lots of great advice, so have decided to become a member.
DS is 4 and was diagnosed with ASD 8 months ago. He's always been great with going to bed and had no real sleep issues,apart from the odd night where he wakes in the early hours and chats away to himself(delayed echolalia)or giggles until the morning.
I started to note on the calendar when it happened,around the full moon once a month,I know,people laugh when I tell them,or if he' had a very busy day-yesterday was soft play int he morning and a funfair int he afternoon. Anyhow,it's happened 3 times now this month,with last night him being awake from 3am until 6 this morning.DH wasn't a happy chap(he's not a great sleeper either) and said we need to do something.
I'm a bit reluctant to go to GP as for me it's not really an issue,but DH thinks we should. I know some of your DC take melatonin,do you think it would help or not? I think if it was ever night I'd be more inclined to book an appointment straight away.
Any ideas? Thanks.

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