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Dentists witht he unreasonable

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zzzzz Thu 25-Aug-11 06:26:23

I think ds has a cavity but have no idea how we are going to deal with this. He has been for a check up but is still at the sit in my lap while the dentist pretends to peak in his mouth stage.

Help/experiences......feeling very worried.

zzzzz Thu 25-Aug-11 06:27:32

sorry about typo in title dd asleep on one arm

someoneoutthere Thu 25-Aug-11 07:38:03

We did a role play between DS and DD with a social story before his first appointment, so DS knew what to come. We also have a great dentist. He played with ds at the first visit, showing him all the buttons of his machines, telling him what they do. Ds loved the one that ejects water and our dentist let him play with it for a while. DS also played with the dentist's chair (going up and down) and he loved it. The dentist also went through all the instruments with him at the first visit and told him what they do. He did not do anything else at the first visit. At the second visit DS opened his mouth to have the filling done, but then got scared. So we took him for a whole week to see the dentist before the actual appointment (we spoke to the receptionist and they told us when the dentist was free). In that whole week, DS saw the dentist, played with all the machines, opened his mouth etc, so at the end of the week he was very comfortable with the dentist. At his actual appointment, he had a filling done and he did not moan once when he was having his teeth clean.

Since then we had two more visits to the dentists for various reasons and Ds loves to go there. It was only possible because of the dentist being so good and understanding. He cleaned one tooth and let Ds play with water for few minutes, and continued like that. Also he did not charge us for all the extra visits we made to make Ds comfortable. May be if you talk to the dentist and see if he or she is willing to spend that extra time on your DS, you can have it done without any trouble.

wraith Thu 25-Aug-11 12:45:33

as a youth my fear of densits wasnt so much the sounds but needles going where i couldnt see them , notros oxide worked wonders breathe in a bit feel nothing tooth gets fixed dark glasses plus headphones worked well to best thing is the nos wears off quicker but fades differently no tingling

might be worth letting your son watch you get something filled if you have one
then theres no surprises

coff33pot Thu 25-Aug-11 12:58:05

luckily for me DS has had two teeth removed and didnt flinch. His curiousness on what everything was for and that the dentist let him hold equipment helped him. And he wanted to see and know exactly what was going to happen with his tooth. (unlike me who cant stand to be told anything ugh!)

Dont know if your dentist would let him get actively involved in holding the filling gunk dish or suction or something so he feels part of helping out may distract him.

lisad123 Thu 25-Aug-11 13:33:39

Can u find a SN denist?

moosemama Thu 25-Aug-11 21:59:30

Sorry, can't help, but will be watching with interest.

Ds1's front two upper teeth have come through splayed and on top of that he's started getting toothache as well. He will let them look in his mouth, but can't stand them putting their fingers or instruments in. I've been putting off booking the appointment because I don't know how they'll deal with it, but I've got to do something about it now.

chuckeyegg Thu 25-Aug-11 22:06:59

We were refered to a dentist at the hospital who is experienced in dealing with people with special needs. The first appointment was just getting use to the surgery and the dentist but she did manage to peak in briefly.

zzzzz Fri 26-Aug-11 09:39:57

Sorry about not getting back last night....sooooooooo tired this week. The good news is the tooth doesn't seem to be hurting [though given the sudden drop in favourite food eating, I'm guessing it does when pressed on], we will have to deal with it now though I think. Just waiting for the emergency rush of calls to be over at our dentist and then I will see what they suggest.

We did start taking him tot he dentist with all his sibs but none of them have been for 18 months shock blush. Sometimes I am rubbish at this Mummying thing. We are always behind and always scrabbling to catch up. Oh to be organised and effortlessly stylish.

thank you fro all your replies. I will report what dentist says, but can't see how it is going to work.....he has to beheld down for at least the start of hair cuts and has developed a sudden aversion to public toilets which doesn't bode well.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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