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ASD - supplements

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frizzcat Wed 24-Aug-11 12:49:35

morning all, I noticed a few weeks ago that someone asked about supplements fir asd children. I can't find it now, I'm giving ds 6 eyeq fish oils and can certainly see a difference when we miss it! What else are you all using? And more importantly are they working?

Oh and for those of you who saw my thread about hand dryers last week - we drove off for our holiday with my array of ear plugs for the stops at services and those damn dryers. Ds solved the problem all by himself and asked for my iPod - he plugged it in and marched of to the loo without a word - birthday coming up soon guess what he will be getting??

IndigoBell Wed 24-Aug-11 13:27:16

Behaviour Balance is the supplement that was discussed in the other thread....

Also try Epsom Bath Salts (for his bath smile )

IndigoBell Wed 24-Aug-11 13:29:00

This is the thread

cornsilx Wed 24-Aug-11 14:35:24

where do you buy the epsom salt from?

IndigoBell Wed 24-Aug-11 15:10:45


1/2 cup or a cup in the bath every second day or so....

Helps with sleep. Basically it's magnesium, so if your DC is deficient in magnesium it will help.

frizzcat Fri 26-Aug-11 05:55:11

Ta muchly - off to have a look. The Epsom salts - does just help wind them down. Ds stays asleep once he's asleep - but does not typically fall asleep until after 10pm

IndigoBell Fri 26-Aug-11 10:41:23

FrizzCat - Epsom salts def helps get them to sleep quickly. (Although BlueShark reported the opposite - and recommended upping the dose slowly...)

Benefits of Epsom Salt

Apparently we're all very likely to be deficient in Magnesium. I certainly know if I put it in my bath I have to go to sleep straight away - I am just unbelievably tired ( So I never use it, because I rarely have the luxury of getting unbelievably tired smile )

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