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Hold my hand! DD(13) has gone to the park.

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MarianH Tue 23-Aug-11 17:43:18

DD has just gone to the park with her friend. (A girl who is sensible and lovely.) They went to Tescos and bought some sweets and now they are at the swings. It's 5 minutes away and DD has been told to be back by 7pm.

This is the first time she's ever done this! She has Asperger's, and she has Leukaemia. She has been off school since December. She's currently hairless, but doesn't like to wear anything on her head.

I'm so pleased she's gone out, but I'm worried about her mixing with other kids at the moment. I just hope they are kind and she has a nice time.

whatcanbemynewname Tue 23-Aug-11 17:55:48

Hay hope it is going ok, what a big step I have been working with a child with leukaemia today he is doing well but also has no hair.

whatcanbemynewname Tue 23-Aug-11 17:57:13

Sorry that reads really badly.

lisad123 Tue 23-Aug-11 18:02:52

How's she doing with the treatment? Hope your holding up ok, sounds like my house too, leukaemia and autism, together they suck more than one alone sad

MarianH Tue 23-Aug-11 18:08:25

Thanks to both of you.

lisad it is hard work! She has just finished her intensive chemo and is now on maintenance for the next 18 months. She'll be integrating back into school from September, and then hopefully I'll be back to work too (Been off since December). She's done so well, but it's been very tough and intrusive for her, especially given her age. How are you coping?

whatcanbe is the child autistic too? I'm not being funny, it's just I haven't come across anyone who has both and it would be nice to hear how he's doing. My hospital, though a large regional centre for Children's Oncology, has very little experience of dealing with a patient who also has Asperger's.

whatcanbemynewname Tue 23-Aug-11 19:23:34

No he has DSyndrome, he is doing well considering went into hospital in January was out by April, back in in May (sceduled) then out again in July. He is such a happy chappy dispite being in pain at times. He makes me laugh every time I see him. He has only just turned 4.

How did the trip to the park go?
Lisa D how is your child doing?

lisad123 Tue 23-Aug-11 19:58:31

It's not my child that has cancer it's my husband. My girls both have autism. It's a weird thing dealing with both and explaining to the kids sad

whatcanbemynewname Tue 23-Aug-11 20:15:33

oh sorry that must be really tricky for you, how is your husband getting on?

MarianH Tue 23-Aug-11 21:40:22

lisa that is very tough. How old are your girls?

what bless him. Most of the children with the illness are little and they have to go through so much. It's such an awful thing. DD had a nice time at the park. We are now investigating mobile phones so we can keep track of her!

lisad123 Tue 23-Aug-11 22:42:54

Im so glad she had a wonderful time at the park, and great idea bout a mobile.
My girls are 8 and 3years. The youngest has no idea really as she was 18months when dh was dx'ed. DD1 understands it fully. Its been over 2 years now, and you just learn to live life differently.

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