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used the F word to social services

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hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 13:59:30

the social worker closed our case because of course dd is porley and not being abused in anway (only by the education system) , she said she would arange a mag metting but didnt, I have complained to the lgo, i have got the lady from dds young carers to fill out a pissing caf now (which we arranged ages ago and cancelled because ss said they were doing a core assesment then changed there mind , im afraid i lost it today and was told to take my frustration out on the school (as they were asked to sort it ) and I said ss said they were fucking going to do it !! im a christian i dont sware whats happening to me.

hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 14:04:21

guess what suprise suprise the social workers comming tomorrow to fill out this blasted form , complaning gets you every where , but it is very stressfull

coff33pot Mon 22-Aug-11 16:37:10

Its good that she is coming to do the form smile And yes it is a shame you have had to complain to get it. It is said to say that sometimes that is what is needed to get your point accross.

As for swearing, its no big deal. You have been pushed to the limit that is all.

If I add up the amount of times I have lost it since fighting for my sons rights then I definately wont be going to heaven grin

auntevil Mon 22-Aug-11 16:45:48

Coff33pot - re going to heaven - it always reminds me of something my mum's friend said to me. she is very religious and said that God only gave 'special children' to 'special parents' as he knew that they would find the strength to cope. So on that basis, we should all be going to heaven. Only problem that I have with that is that I would rather join the rest of my friends in the slightly warmer place grin
hannahsmummsy - wasn't there a report recently that said selective appropriate use of colourful language was actually good for your stress levels? So as long as it isn't every other word (CAF, Annual Review meetings etc etc might be excluded from this as then it would be appropriate grin ) the odd expletive is actually good and healthy for you. smile

hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 17:36:54

the parent parnership team are comming too , complaints get you every where , you shouldent have to , the local govement ombardsman looking into it , dd has made her own complaint , im soo proud she takes after me lol.

hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 19:03:24

just put in a complaint about having to complain , i said my daughter is not a parcel to pass around agencys. how dare ss say to education they are calling a mag meeting , change there minds and not tell anyone just close the case. I named the social worker who told me to get cham , school etc to do and take out my frustration on them and told them it was unproffesional. i said no wonder no one helps her when they all lie.

bochead Mon 22-Aug-11 20:33:32

I've endured a core assessment this year.

No help offered whatsover, (or investigation into the physical abuse DS suffered at his last mainstream school!) but for goodness sake don't leave your fairy cakes out on the side to cool uncovered lol!
An utter waste of time and very, very intrusive personal questioning, including about the extended family about stuff which is frankly none of their business. Left me feeling violated.

I think social services are used to intimidate parents into backing down from making a fuss when other agencies fail their kids.

hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 22:41:26

I just made another complaint "My dd is a child in need yet shes been denyed a core assesment" , I have been denied a carers assesment ",I imformed the arses that local govrnment ombardsman is now involved and I expect a apology for constant ridculos abbuse allegatins while caring for an ill child who misses 30% of her education despite my best efforts ( getting 2 busses with her) , and having asd and physical illness myself. In winter we are often stranded

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