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have made email complaints on council web site

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hannahsmummsy Sat 20-Aug-11 22:58:47

does any one have experience of this. Have made 3 complaints one about social services not filling out a CAF as was promised , one about me having communication problebs and being banned from contacting LEA, discrimination against a disabled parent (have now asked sencan to do a home visit to dd to get her view of school) and one about both not colaberating to suport dd and passing the buck between services resulting in no support. what will happen to my complaints ?

hannahsmummsy Sat 20-Aug-11 23:49:13

have now complanied on lgo website as well , i dont want false appologys or waffle letters , just proper support for dd

shaz298 Sun 21-Aug-11 07:41:40

It would seem that your daughter isn't getting access to services she needs. I'd advise contacting your local children's rights worker and ask them to advocate on behalf of your daughter ( not on your behalf). This is usually quite effective and will take some pressure off of you. x

bookcase Sun 21-Aug-11 09:35:57

At the Council I work at the internet and email complaints go to a central person who then sends it to the responsible department for them to respond or investigate. The responsible person usually sends out a standard letter (something along the lines of we have received your comment and will write to you within 14days) and then they gather info and send a full response. You should definitely get a response as most councils have complaint/comments procedures they have to follow. I really hope this gives them a massive boot-up-the-bum that they need and start sorting things for you and your DD x

devientenigma Sun 21-Aug-11 10:19:08

THanks Hannahsmummy you have prompted me to do the same!!

devientenigma Sun 21-Aug-11 10:22:15

This is an exact copy of my email:

Not a complaint as such but a statement that shouldn't be adressed as anything negative. I have had my last meeting in regards to allegedly "care and support" meetings that happen when you have a child with special needs. I am about to cut ties with the system and carry on as any other parent who has minimal contact with their childs school. This has no comparison in how much I love or care for my son. I have a 10 year old disabled son and the whole system around him has never worked. There is so much conflict and contradiction. He has never had the right support and suffers from problems that have been witnessed though dismissed. He seems to be passed from one area to another or left to fall through the system. I personally am fed up of being accused of having bad parenting or needing counselling and other such remarks that should I be another professional it could be classed as bullying and discrimination in the workplace. Thanks.

hannahsmummsy Sun 21-Aug-11 22:01:34

got my daughter to make her own complain , do they treat it diffently cos shes 15 ?

hannahsmummsy Sun 21-Aug-11 23:35:53

i checked the lgo priortise complaints from young people under 19 or 25 if disabled

hannahsmummsy Mon 22-Aug-11 23:32:16

"my daughter is a vunerable child not a parcel to pass bettween agency" they are no 1 wankers

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