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nappy deliverly arghhhhhhhhhhhh

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mieow Fri 17-Oct-03 20:12:07

I have been waiting in all day for a nappy deliverly and its still not here!!! I phoned the company at 2pm and was told it would be here by 6pm. I then phoned at 6pm and was told that the bloke had 15 drops to do and he would be doing them all. I am still waiting and am very annoyed. I had to borrow 3 nappies off my neighbour as I am refusing to pay out another £6 and I had to buy some last week, as they didn't give me enough!!! I am very peed off.

misdee Fri 17-Oct-03 20:14:39

oh no. still not there!!! i would lend u some nappies but only have washables here.

doormat Fri 17-Oct-03 20:15:12

hi mieow
what a nightmare but we dont even get told when the delivery man is due to call.
he calls every 2-3 months and guaranteed I always buy a huge multipack the day before he delivers.Dont mind though
I never rely on him.

mieow Fri 17-Oct-03 20:17:10

I have just phoned the company and the bloke ISN'T delivering them now. It will be here tomorrow which is no bloodly good .......

doormat Fri 17-Oct-03 20:19:16

They are a pain in the rear arent they

looks like a trip to the shops

codswallop Fri 17-Oct-03 20:20:46

Is he dishy?

mieow Fri 17-Oct-03 20:21:07

but DH is out with his bro in London and I am alone...........

mieow Fri 17-Oct-03 20:22:20

Have asked MIL to give DH some from her stash

doormat Fri 17-Oct-03 20:22:45

oh so sorry mieow, surely your neighbour can help till morning, she will understand wont she

mieow Sat 18-Oct-03 19:32:03

You are not going to believe this but the nappies weren't delivered today either. I phoned them up and was on hold for 1 1/2 hours before I got peed off with the recorded messages and hung up. Luckily I have a friend who also has a disabled child and she had some spare so she has given me two packets to see me through till monday.......

eidsvold Sat 18-Oct-03 20:11:17

oh no ... that is the last thing oyu want - I hope you will let them have a piece of your mind over their atrocious customer service.... what a nightmare they are.

Hope you get them Monday.

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