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A school holiday rant thread

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lisad123 Thu 18-Aug-11 00:20:46

I'm struggling to see the end day for school holidays and how I'm going to cope. School holidays this year seem so mu h worse than previous years. So thought I would start a rant thread.
I have quite enough of public meltdowns from dd2 and fed up of the fighting between them over toys!

chuckeyegg Thu 18-Aug-11 01:34:37

Fed up that the people who said they would meet up with us have been very silent.

But I'm really enjoying myself with DS we were in the park in the splash park at 5pm and it was empty and he loved it! smile Flapping and spinning and laughing.

coff33pot Thu 18-Aug-11 01:36:29

Yes the sibling disagreements are getting harder to control I have to say! They are not exactly fighting over toys more to the fact that one doesnt want to play at all and the other doesnt know how to play anything that doesnt involve his obsession. They are bored with each other full stop.

On the other hand I am worn out with the hols but also dreading the school start and the jumping everytime the phone rings AGAIN. Its been a happy release from that and the stressess of getting DS to go school so I dont know which one is worse to be honest grin

I had my very own ranty thread the other day so thought I'd come in and commiserate. At least we are now into double digit numbers starting with 1 rather than 2 grin

insanityscatching Thu 18-Aug-11 07:32:38

I'm fed up with dd deciding not to sleep before midnight when I get up at six to get the older ones off to work. I am enjoying watching ds and dd enjoying each other's company though.

Triggles Thu 18-Aug-11 07:37:58

DS2 is really at loose ends as well. If we keep him busy, he's gets overstimulated and tired and has a meltdown. If we don't keep him busy, he's pinging all over the place and still ends up in meltdown. And he and DS3 spend a lot of time fighting over things and pushing and hitting each other. I feel like a referee, pulling them apart all the time. Although to be fair, I remember my siblings and I fighting all the time during summer holidays as well, so I suppose some of that is simply normal kids, eh? It just seems to be magnified by SNs, maybe due to the isolation involved??

insanityscatching Thu 18-Aug-11 08:31:09

There are eight years between ds and dd so being at totally different stages there's no rivalry. They adore each other as well so watching them together is great. There's eight years between the first four though and there was lots of fighting and falling out when they were younger. It's harder with SNs though the others used to have friends over or go to friends so it took the pressure off relationships. Now the first three are at work school holidays are a bit of a non event really as I can't get out with ds and dd on my own.

lisad123 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:49:18

Chuckyegg where in herts are you? We went to water park at 3pm dds loved it an dd2 was flapping all over the place. Dd1 isn't a flapper. grin
We have been out every day but one! Easier than these 4 Walls!
Dd2 doesn't go back till 12th sad

WilsonFrickett Thu 18-Aug-11 09:50:39

(Stealth boast alert)

I am Scottish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That wasn't even stealth, was it?

Seriously, in a few weeks you'll be wandering around like me going 'but it's so quiet.'

chuckeyegg Thu 18-Aug-11 11:22:08

lisa123 we're in St Albans. Are you in St Albans?

lisad123 Thu 18-Aug-11 11:30:50

Not st Albans but was there yesterday!

Triggles Thu 18-Aug-11 12:41:29

lol - love the lack of stealth there Wilson! grin

Honestly, it's good that DS2 is home all day right now, we really need to work on some behaviour issues with him between he and his brother. But it can be loud and stressful sometimes. I have to say I give credit to our neighbours... some days I'm CERTAIN it sounds like we're torturing and killing people in our house with all the screaming, but they've never said a peep to us about it(or called the police LOL). Granted, we did mention to them that DS2 had SNs, so I suppose they chalk it up to that.

DS3 (2yo) screams long and loud whenever DS2 (5yo) upsets him, as he knows it bothers DS2. Then DS2 is yelling trying to get DS3 to stop screaming. hmm Noisy? Our house? Nah....grin

WilsonFrickett Thu 18-Aug-11 13:04:02

grin I met my neighbour for the first time after DS birthday tea.


XxAlisonxX Thu 18-Aug-11 13:24:10

I will be glad once they have gone bk to school, ds is being his usuall annoyance and winding up and picking on the others, dd went on meltdown yesterday cause she is bored but im lost for things to do to please them all, iv got ds 5, dd 6, then dd 10 ( SLI, no short term memory) and ds 13 ( ODD, AS) and on top of this iv got the most horrid neighbours that find it funny to wind the 2 older ones up so it causes even more grief for me and then when they both go on meltdown and start carrying on it causes no end of problems.

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