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Double MMR jab

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ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:03:57

Did you hear that on the news today - a little boy is being 'tested' for autism after being given the MMR jab twice. When he received the 2nd dose his mother says he started acting differently. That all the news bulletin said.

miranda2 Fri 17-Oct-03 14:07:01

Oh, I'm fed up to teh back teeth with all this rubbish about MMR. Even if there was a link, the figures are so tiny that kids are FAR more likely to get autism as a result of the inflammation measels can cause. We all have a duty to have our kids vaccinated, for their sakes and for the sakes of all the kids who for medical reasons can't have the vaccine (including all those under 3 months old), who are put at risk by the low take up meaning an epidemic is more likely.
Rant over!

katierocket Fri 17-Oct-03 14:09:32

ooh miranda 2 think you may have set up a time bomb there.

CountessDracula Fri 17-Oct-03 14:09:35

That's your opinion Miranda2 and very dogmatic it is too. Would you say the same if like me you had a history of autoimmune diseases that can be triggered by vaccines? I don't think it's as cut and dried as you obviously do.

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:10:49

I didn't want to start a for and against MMR debate - each to their own - I don't think every mother has a 'duty' to have her child vaccinated at all actually and I chose to have the vaccinations done one at a time - but anyway ....

Angeliz Fri 17-Oct-03 14:15:31

i think we all have a duty to protect our kids and a choice as to how we do that! For me it was the single jabs but i think we should all have that choice!

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:19:52

Oh God - did I start this?!
I was just intersted to hear that a little boy had two lots of the MMR and there are now fears he has autism - that's why I posted it on SN - I just thought it may be interesting to some of the mums, or not, but didn't want to start an argument about whether you should or shouldn't vaccinate. It's old ground and has been well argued on other threads. It's also a free world, well it's supposed to be.

Angeliz Fri 17-Oct-03 14:20:50

was the second one not the booster?

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:22:52

It didn't say Angeliez - but it said that because he moved house there was a mix up and he received 2 lots of the MMR vaccine.

Angeliz Fri 17-Oct-03 14:24:00

ooooohhhhhh....that's very scary that that could happen!!

misdee Fri 17-Oct-03 14:26:58

surely the mother should've realised he had already had the jab.

Angeliz Fri 17-Oct-03 14:27:22

thats what i was thinking!!

dinosaur Fri 17-Oct-03 14:27:42

and wouldn't it have been in his red book?

Jimjams Fri 17-Oct-03 14:29:16

Thanks for that Thomcat- and maybe Miranda would like to spend a day with an MMR damaged child.

Mind you news bulletin does sound a bit bizarre (as having it twice shouldn't alter the risk of damage as such- will look out for story with interest).

Anyway I'm off to take my unvaccinated ds2 to the park to breathe on other children. Vaccinated autistic ds2 won't get close enough to any other kids to breathe on them.

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:31:59

JimJams -

It was a strange news story yes, I was hoping someone might know more. If I hear anything else I'll report back.

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 14:34:58

Actually JimJams that should be a and a at the same time.

Northerner Fri 17-Oct-03 14:40:13

I've lost ds's red book. Bad mother that i am. Hunted high and low I have.

eidsvold Fri 17-Oct-03 19:00:42

northerner your primary care trust would also have a record of what your child has had as each surgery has to send off the list of kids who they vaccinate - I am positive.

As dd had to delay her jabs due to surgery they changed her records and then sent out the little slips accordingly.

mieow Fri 17-Oct-03 19:25:59

Surely the mother should have realised that her DS had had the MMR already......... I know all the jabs that my kids have had.
A friend of mine's 2 year old was given the MMR at 2 months old by mistake. His brother was having the MMR and he was having his triple jabs and the nurse got carried away with the MMR jabs. Luckily he is ok

Blu Fri 17-Oct-03 19:37:33

Most people seem super-aware of whether they've had the MMR or not....obviously not enough about it in the news fter all, Miranda!!!

Jollymum Fri 17-Oct-03 20:48:11

I haven't had No 4 done-bad mother?-because I was going to have the single ones and then that all blew up, about some places that do single ones not giving them correct doses etc and also because I know two doctors who would not give their children the MMR. (They would give them singles but only at the right place). I don't really have a definite medical reason and I wouldn't argue with anyone the whys or wherefors BUT my No 4 is not having his. I work with mums all week and I NEVER advise one way or the other. I'm not qualfied (and who say health visitors/nurses are, surely they just react to the information thay are given by the Govt.) and I would never offer an opinion. My child is my child and my decision is mine, for whatever reason and each mum has to make her own mind up. It's very hard to be a parent and I always feel realy scared (or used to) when I had to sign those forms about vaccinations sayimg I totaly agreed with whatever they said/gave my child and wouldn't take legal action/moan about the consequences. Take time to look at the facts, I know it's hard and in most cases, it's probably OK, but I'm just a stroppy mum and I don't profess to have any knowledge other than gut reaction.

RexandBen Fri 17-Oct-03 21:49:59

My DS1 did not have the MMR (we opted for single jabs) and he has an Austic Spectrum Disorder. Although his autism was obviously not caused by MMR, who knows how severe it may be if he did actually have the jab?! There is a history of autism as well as autoimmune diseases in my family, so it doesnt take a genius to figure out that having the MMR jab would not be a wise step.

It is highly irresponsible to critise anyone for not having the MMR, because no matter what spiel we are fed from the government and the NHS the link between vaccinations and a wide variety of diseases is not known. And yes I am qualified to talk about this because I am also a biologist with a wide knowledge of genetics and immunology.

Therefore there is absolutely NO WAY that DS2 will have the MMR either.

Jimjams Fri 17-Oct-03 22:19:11

Your family history (of autoimmunity) sounds like mine rexandben Actually we sound like sisters as I'm a biologist too

ks Fri 17-Oct-03 22:23:31

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 17-Oct-03 22:46:47

His research was published in a respectable peer reviewed journal though. He remains one of the few people who have looked at the affected children. He also set out expecting to find no link- but kept an open mind- he claims to have been stunned by his findings. Of course the dept of health "knows" the MMR is safe - which is funny because no -one else does and the research certainly hasn't been done yet.

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