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Back from our hols: it opened my eyes

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bedheadz Sat 13-Aug-11 16:57:21

Well just back from a caravan hol and it has opened my eyes.

playing mini golf - ds 7 yrs had to get the ball in first otherwise meltdown commenced. obviously we didn't let him win each hole even though it would have been do you help your dc deal with not winning each time because no matter what I try it doesn't work.

Bowling - same as above but worse because there were more people around, ds screaming "you know I hate losing," lying on the floor crying etc etc and something I have never really experienced or just never noticed. everybody staring with cats bum faces.

Couldn't go and watch the shows because it was just too noisy. (why the heck do the entertainment team encourage all the kids to scream).

ds slept in double bed with us (sleeps in his own bed at home until about 4am then gets in with us) was cuddling him to settle him down on the first night and he asked if I could feel him shaking, when I asked why he was shaking he said because I am scared I only like it at home were I am safe.

It was windy and the park was full of trees, he was so anxious about a tree falling on him, had to constantly reassure him.

Basically he wanted to stay in the caravan the whole time although he would have preferred to come home after the first day.

cwtch4967 Sat 13-Aug-11 17:29:22

Holidays are hard, we had a tough time last year in Turkey, it makes you face everything head on and there is nowhere to hide. I don't have any answers but I wanted you to know that others share your pain.

dietstartstmoz Sat 13-Aug-11 18:52:34

we have had a few difficult holidays with the two kids, DS2 is ASD. But we went away last week, and stayed in a big apartment in wales, by the beach and DS2 was much more manageable. He had room in the apartment to run about, it was the first hols where they boys had a bedroom and we didn't have to sleep with them. We don't do much on holiday, no entertainment shows for us! We usually went to a walk on a quiet beach on an evening, and we ate in the apartment most nights, either that or a windy crap pub beer garden where Ds2 could wander-we can't sit in anywhere with other people as it's far too stressful. The kids went to bed by 9pm ish and we were able to relax in the apartment, watch TV, read books etc. Not everyone's idea of a dream holiday but it was our most successful yet. We had a bad caravan experience last summer. It's so bloody hard isn't it. I agree with what cwtch said, there is nowhere to hide. It's finding the bits that are manageable and trying to increase those I guess. Hopefully next time will be easier.

NotQuiteSoDesperate Sat 13-Aug-11 19:53:04

My DS is ASD and that's why we always go to the same place for holidays! Even though he is now 21 and I would much rather have a change of place, he settles down quickly in a familiar hotel and we all get a rest. Last summer, we tried to go somewhere different and it was a disaster! So this year we were back in Torquay and all was well smile

InfestationofLannisters Sat 13-Aug-11 21:36:06

Oh God, OP, how awful sad

We're off to a caravan, (it being apparently the easiest holiday option) on Friday and DD (NT aged 11) would really like the entertainment but I can't see DS having a bar of it. He won't be able to get beyond the noise to the probable enjoyment beyond.

Bloody kids entertainers making them shout and scream. It's lazy, that's what it is.

coff33pot Sat 13-Aug-11 21:41:30

Sorry it didnt go so well sad

I just dont go on holiday smile

Where we live I am lucky to have 7 beaches to choose from but it is chaotic and busy in the holiday season! We tend to wait till 7pm and walk down to a beach with the dog. I grab a coffee and the kids an ice cream or chips then we go on the beach and DS has the run of it with his sister. They go in the water and get wet and dig holes with the dog. Its great but I do get some mad looks from adults when I am rubbing sand off kids and changing them at 10pm grin But hey its warm, and in the winter its welly time. Anything to avoid hassle.

Still practising the "I hate losing" bit with DS. We play games but only short ones and have let him win, then he loses but he gets a "good try sticker" then wins iyswim. I keep getting DD to say "oh I lost and well done "DS" to try and show its not so bad losing. BUT it works sometimes and fireworks the next grin

janetsplanet Sat 13-Aug-11 21:54:28

sorry to hear you had it hard.
we have just had a week at haven. our 1st full day there, DD2 had hit a 12yr old and told her to F off for blocking the slide.
the next day - she was picking on a lad with suspected autism.

all she can say about it is that people annoy her and shes not scared of them sad

cansu Sun 14-Aug-11 07:55:49

After a terrible holiday with ds a few years ago where he refused to leave holiday accomodation and screamed almost constantly we came to the conclusion that he just couldn't cope with it. We now send him to a fab holiday centre for disabled children and adults for a week whilst we have a holiday.

ProfessionallyOffendedGoblin Sun 14-Aug-11 09:25:07

We've done Youth Hostelling and self-catering for years, for DS it's more the familiar food and company that keeps him on track. And a holiday devoted to new aspects of his particular interests, rather than having to be with other children.
If I'd ever put him into anything with 'children's entertainment' the consequences would probably have made the news. sad

ProfessionallyOffendedGoblin Sun 14-Aug-11 09:26:28

coff33pot, I totally agree. A big empty beach, or a run on the South Downs. Bliss!

insanityscatching Sun 14-Aug-11 10:57:17

We have "done" Filey for the last sixteen years apart from the disastrous holiday in the Isle of Wight. This year I'm going to brave the IoW again using what I know works in Filey. Building in plenty of structure, lots of chilling time and incentives and rewards by the dozen. We eat out "off peak" we go to the beach early evening and we avoid the tourist hotspots. Who knows it may turn out to be a disaster but if I don't give it a go I'll never know and I'll be visiting Filey for the next twenty years.

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