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Mamma101 Thu 11-Aug-11 23:16:04

My 5 year old boy might have possible special needs - his school want to refer him to the EP. He's a real bubbly, bright, happy and gentle kid. The issues his teacher said were poor motor skills and social / emotional issues.
The thing is, it's the behaviour his little brother of 3 that worries me. He snatches, scratches, kicks, punches and he even bit his big bro today. No1 regularly runs off screaming from the little one. I do the naughty corner thing and make him say sorry and they cuddle. But five minutes later he'll be at it again. His playschool have put him on an ILP as he's been hurting children there.
They said that everything else like his speech and physical development seem fine. Why is he so stubborn and aggressive? What am I doing wrong?
When no2 was little we always told no1 to be gentle with his baby bro, but now we're trying to encourage him to stand up for himself when necessary so no2 doesn't think he rules the world.
Anybody got any good tactics?

davidsotherhalf Fri 12-Aug-11 13:11:02

have you tried rewards for not fighting? we used to plan an activity or reward and have visual reminders around the house ie go to the park, if they get so many stars, put pictures of the park around the house, or in dc pocket so if you see the behaviour coming say look in your pocket, mine used to prefer a small toy so would cut picis out of catalogue and laminate them. i have 3 boys ds1(nt) ds2 (asd) ds3 (adhd) dd (asd) and they would fight till they saw blood and as soon as i cleaned them up they would start again. the visual rewards helped, i also used same system for school, staff would see ds getting stressed and get him to look in his pocket at the reward,

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