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So Someone Fill Me in on DLA

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humbugholder Thu 11-Aug-11 18:07:14

Both my son's receive DLA, ds1 hrc lrm, and ds2 hrc hrm. I feel these awards are appropriate for them and their needs. DS1 has 5 years left on his award and ds2 has 2 years.

I keep reading little snippets on here about how DLA will be changed, and how nobody can assume that their current awards will still stand when the benefits system is overhauled. I have gone to so much effort to get these awards, and felt so secure that their awards were long standing, and I am now starting to worry that I may have to start the whole process again at some point and that they may lose their awards or have them reduced.

Also I have read some people suggest that the Disability elements of Child Tax Credits may be affected at some point.

I guess I'm just asking if anyone knows any concrete evidence that I need to be concerned about. The boys' money allows me to pay for equiptment and activities to directly benefit their conditions, that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise and I am concerned as I am sure everyone in my situation is. Thanks so much.

anonandlikeit Thu 11-Aug-11 18:29:10

will be watching this with interest as I'd like to know too.

Amieesmum Thu 11-Aug-11 22:50:16

I second that. To be honest, the whole system baffles me, All i know is our DLA pays for us to get to our local hospital appointments, and towards DD's RDA, it doesn't cover the full cost but goes a long way towards helping. Wont cover the long distance hospital trips we're about to have to make though, not sure how we're going to manage with those yet!

tudorrose Thu 11-Aug-11 23:00:20

I would like to know too, I am also confused by the whole thing. Our DLA is essential as we use it to get to local hospital appointments and pays for petrol costs/food for me or DP when DD3 is an inpatient at the childrens hospital over fifty miles away, which can be up to three or four times a year. These are hard to manage!

It's a big worry on top of everything else.

wraith Sat 13-Aug-11 02:16:15

right this is what i know. axo is also being statemented by a 2nd ocmpony cal g4s.

the forms are becoming much more open ended, and more vauge less do you have a b or c and more how does your condition affect you.

the physical assesment part is a basic sight and hearing test along with a touch and walk type test.

the changes are due to come in 2013/2014,

lower rate personal care is due to go completely in its current from.

pip will have 2 levels low and high,

lifetime awards will have to be reassessed as will all awards.

in the trial documentation i experianced, 2 questions stand out as to be where they can shaft you.

hobbies and

the question concerning help with personal care.

i can honeslty say those who have continence issue with there children will stand a better chance.

i do fear the hidden disabilitys like autism will be shafted

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