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Pead and pyschologist - totally different opinions!

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Chundle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:25:10

Hi guys just after some advice really. Dd2 (2yrs) saw a community pead registrar who did some developmental tasks with her, watched he play and took history. He said she's a bit dyspraxic and has a few autistic traits. Going back to see the consultant and him in 4 months time to see what consultant thinks.

Pyshologist that we been seeing says there's no way she's got any autistic tendencies and tends to blame all her issue on her being slightly prem and how we interact/play with her!!pysch also did a bayleys assessment and made errors in the report saying she knows her left from her right (when she doesn't) and that she completed tasks in the assessment which she didn't!
Pyschologist was part of the CDC. Paed hadn't read any of pysch notes previously.

So who do you believe?? Is it a paed or a psychologist that tells you what's wrong. And who is right??!
She does have some oddities which I think is more than 'normal development' however pysch seems to think she's fine just bit anxious (and all my fault of course!) Pysch has only ever seen her in home environment (dd is comfortable in home environment so shows different behaviour) for 5 visits and once outside the home for bayleys assessment.

Thanks for reading if you got this far !

TotalChaos Thu 11-Aug-11 12:34:11

Given the psych has made quite a few errors already, I'ld be more inclined to trust that comm paed opinion.In general it's usually paeds who diagnose I believe.

Chundle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:36:17

Ok thanks chaos. We hadn't seen this registrar before but his consultant dx my dd1 so I know they are a good team. Just feel a bit shunted about really

utah Thu 11-Aug-11 12:36:36

In my experience the psych who saw my son at two was very dismissive and at the end said to me that not much help will be forthcoming due to lack of severity the same ed psych saw him again at three for SA and his views where now a complex child with severe needs. I feel at two they like to sit on the fence which is not much help to the child or parent.

coff33pot Thu 11-Aug-11 12:39:16

Not got huge advice and someone more in the know will come along soon I expect smile

But if I was faced with this I would most probably challenge the psych report detailing by email or letter your concerns about the psychs errors in the report and requesting a second oppinion.

Your dd is only 2 so she does have some developing to go yet and I can appreciate that proffessionals prefer to see how children develope first before school but that is no excuse for a faulty report.

If another psych comes out with the same oppinion I would then say ok so which playing methods to do suggest? Play their game and go with the flow and then if your dd still has the same issues at least you can throw back at them that you have done all that they have suggested smile

Chundle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:51:18

Thanks guys. We are fully complying with the psychs somewhat far out ideas including moving her into a bed as pysch said her being in a cot is the source of all her sleep problems (not slept through night since 6 months old). Whilst I don't feel she's ready for a cot (she's 2 this month) it seems like a case of doing everything psych says at the min. So this weekend she will go in a bed... I'm dreading it!

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