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Meds for Challenging behaviour ASD

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AlysWho Wed 10-Aug-11 20:27:53

Can I ask for your experiences?

I have been asked by a family who have a son on the autistic spectrum, with severe anxiety issues that evolve into aggressive behaviour. They are currently discussing medication but are very reluctant due to the possible side effects.

I've tried Sertraline for my DD for similar reasons, aswell as OCD type behaviours, but unsucessfully! Although it did help with her anxiety levels, she had some seriously massive meltdowns of the like we'd not seen before whilst on them, so I weaned her off them.

It'd be great to hear any other experiences to pass onto her.. thanksx

looneytoons Wed 10-Aug-11 20:35:44

my ds has Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia he went on Ritilin because he became aggresive and dangerous but this gave him tics so we took him off it.
He then went on Strattera but this made him sick. He is now on Clonidine this works for him and doesnt give him any side affects. Medication is hit and miss till you find one that works for child.

MissKittyEliza Wed 10-Aug-11 22:06:18

My ds has HF ASD. Also, OCD/Tourettes.

He tried Sertralene. Was on it 3 months. Gave him akathaesia and he could not stop moving. He was weaned off that and was on Risperidone for a couple of months. Again, jside effects meant withdrawal. His OCD lessened and the verbal tics disappeared. Good result (??). Not really.....his personality disappeared. Stuff he enjoyed was of no I retest. He would sit on the sofa staring at the floor and in a bewildered voice say to me "mummy, what shall I do?"

I insisted he come off it.

Two weeks on fro mo med and he's distressed, self harming and the tics are back, good style.

I don't like the drug side effects.....but he needs SOMETHING!

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