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could really do with some advice regarding 2year old ds i think he is stressed

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saladsandwich Wed 10-Aug-11 17:20:43

my ds (2yrs 8months) was at A and E saturday night for a leg infection and usually the doctors send him up on to the ward and give him iv antibiotics for a few days, well they asked at A and E if they could just knock the scab off and see if they could get it to drain the pus, seemed like a good idea at the time, they got me to hold ds and stabbed a needle in it 3 times then squeezed, he was distraught and all i could do was hold ds down while they did it, i felt awful for him and regret letting them do it, his leg is healing nicely now but....

ds as not been the same boy since, he was 100% dry and as gone back to wetting constantly, he is misbehaving terribly, whining alot and lashing out he does have behavioural problems but lately he hasn't been as bad but he's back at square one and worse, i dont know how to get him back on track, im trying to praise the good but he's not responding, trying star charts but he's not responding and he keeps telling me to "shoo" like he just wants to be on his own sad

Chundle Wed 10-Aug-11 18:15:47

Poor you and your poor little ds sad I ha something similar with dd1 when she was 20 months , she had lumbar puncture and I had to hold her down. She behaved terribly for the next few weeks we were very worried and went and saw HV who said she was prob a bit traumatised and to give as much reassurance as poss. HTH and hope he's back to normal self soon x

Vinniesbisqwits Wed 10-Aug-11 18:23:43

its ok bess him he will settle again hes taken a knock and feels at the moment he cant trust any adults, think from his point of view doctors/parents supposed to love and care for him but they have just hurt him, he is too young to explain to.
give him time to trust again lots of love and cuddles, dont be put off or show your upset if he pushes you away , perssistance is the key. I think its quite common after something stressful like this for them to regress a bit, wanting to retreat into his safe world is what it sounds likehe doing and thats ok too as long as he knows mummy is there , take him if you can for fun days out and give some treats and lots reasurance dont atm press the issue of bed wetting leave that untill hes o with you again and he will be I promise. hth

saladsandwich Wed 10-Aug-11 18:50:13

well, hes still not himself but to save stress i have put him in a pull up today and he hasn't wet that only wet his pants and trousers so it is definitley stress related... just feel so sorry for him, hes 2 years old he shouldn't have to feel stressed or not trust people sad it's really hard not to tell him off when he's lashing out xx

Vinniesbisqwits Wed 10-Aug-11 18:59:38

it is hard but resist as hes to immature to understand , we as adults lash out when under extreme pressure so I can imagine what hes thinking at the moment, My dc has lashed out at us still does (hes ASD) but as hes become happier hes also become calmer and as not so stressed is rarely doing this now , count to whatever leave the room if you have to anything to calm yourrself as you being distressed will only make him worse. when hes asleep have a wine or something and bubble bath you need to relax and forgive yourself , you sound like your angry at yourself its not your fault and you are only doing your best the infection if left could become very serious so it had to be done forgive yourself and soon ds will forgive you too (((hugs)))

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