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Which fish oil?

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musica Thu 16-Oct-03 11:21:47

Which is the fish oil that is supposed to help autistic spectrum children? Are there any that are suitable for 3 year olds. Anyone have any experience of them? Were they effective or not? Thanks!

janh Thu 16-Oct-03 12:25:45

musica, this is the recent thread on fish oils: here

Jimjams Thu 16-Oct-03 12:38:11

The research into fish oils and ASD is a bit ropey (not very robust- the best research has been on dyspraxia). Try any, but they have different compositions so if no changes are seen after 3 months on one brand then swop to another. Be careful if the child has epilepsy as well (avoid EPO)

fio2 Thu 16-Oct-03 14:25:16

I have just started using Efalex (again!)

musica Thu 16-Oct-03 15:24:38

Thanks - do you think Efalex or Eye-Q is better? Or is it best just to see how you go with one? And are these ok for 3 year olds. (This isn't for me by the way - it's for a friend who doesn't have internet access).

fio2 Thu 16-Oct-03 15:47:56

Efalex can be used from 2. Eye Q is quite a bit more expensive. I think they are both roughly the same in tests.

Jimjams Thu 16-Oct-03 18:17:12

Efalex is fishier and gives fishy burps, but if you are cutting open the capsules its much easier than trying to open EyeQ's capsules. They do have weird microtables of EyeQ but there's no way ds2 would have taken them.

Furball Thu 16-Oct-03 19:03:18

Jimjams - I use Eye-Q liquid and just measure a teaspoon.

tamum Thu 16-Oct-03 19:11:26

In a spectacular volte-face I decided to try this with my ds, and he has been happily having the stuff Furball linked to. He likes it, says it tastes just like oranges, and I've never noticed fishy burps from him with it!

Jimjams Thu 16-Oct-03 22:08:48

ooh that's new. I use pro-efa but if we change I will try that.

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