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1st time with psychotherapist (AS)

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Swiddle Tue 09-Aug-11 12:14:46

My AS DS(9) is due to see a psychotherapist for the first time next week. I've already met him and he seems like a nice chap, familiar with aspergers kids. We've been referred due to DS's anxiety, meltdowns and apparent deep wells of hidden misery. But tbh since the referral he's been doing much better.

I'm not sure how to pitch it to him (he will resist anything not fun as it's the 'sacred' holidays). He can be pretty astute and scathing, but I really want him to approach it positively, not reluctantly.

Thinking of saying something like, dunno, er, "There are lots of children like you, who sometimes find making friends difficult, and who have big cries and sad feelings. There is a man who tries to help them and who understands them really well. I think we should go along, and let the man get to know you, and see if he has any ideas for helping you..."

What do you think??? Any suggestions???

Oblomov Tue 09-Aug-11 12:56:38

I think they way you suggest introducing it, sounds just fine.
Who refered you, btw ?
I only ask, becasue we are due to go back and see Paed in Sep. We now have a diagnosis of AS from CAMHS, but because he behaves well at school, we have zero other support. I am just wondering if I too should be trying to persuade Paed that we too need Pyscholotherapist.

Swiddle Tue 16-Aug-11 11:30:32

Sorry to be slow to reply, haven't be on for a while.
The GP referred us. I'll let you know if it turns out to be worthwhile in our case. I have a lot of misgivings but worth a try...

Swiddle Mon 22-Aug-11 13:42:15

Just to say, psychotherapist was fab, really warm and intuitive, so ds happy to go again. Not sure whether any of his wise words hit home, but I've rarely seen ds so forthcoming and chatty as he was in the session. So much so, that psychotherapist said that he was shocked that ds had a diagnosis of Aspergers and instead just thought he was vv sensitive and vv shy. Whatever, it does feel nice to have someone try and get under ds's skin and give a new angle on the issues. Hope this helps...

coff33pot Mon 22-Aug-11 13:51:59

Thanks for letting us know it went ok and its good that your DS felt comfortable to be happy to go again smile

My DS is being assessed for AS but he is not shy or sensitive. He will talk to an adult until the cows come home but his communication difficulties means what is being said does not necessarily sink in and he doesnt know the right cues on when to stop talking. I also have AS traits and to be honest the more I talk means the more nervous I am. So I think AS issues vary with each individual.

That said I do hope that your DS is just sensitive and shy and that she will help boost his confidence. That would be really great smile

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