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Food "breakthrough"

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BrigadeOfLannisters Mon 08-Aug-11 23:02:31

Well this is what counts as one in our house with DS.

He has a book about a fish (Barry) with fingers so I bought fish-fingers for once.

DD had them (and was very pleased grin) with veg and some sauce.

DS was served one

He sat at the table opposite DD and requested a knife and fork and some "jam" (ketchup) "tank you"

He ate feck all of it BUT he didn't scream or run away.

Should I do this sort of thing again do you think?

colditz Mon 08-Aug-11 23:03:19

Yes, keep going!

BrigadeOfLannisters Tue 09-Aug-11 00:09:13

Think it will work? I hope so. We have a starvation plan for when he starts school. School lunches (baked potato, beans and cheese offered every day) or nothing. I feel very cruel about it but it is our only hope.

IndigoBell Tue 09-Aug-11 09:23:32

How limited is his diet?

I'd give him a fish finger on his plate every day! Eventually he should eat it.

Not sure about your starvation plan. School's going to be hard enough to cope with. Him going without lunch / being stressed at lunch is just going to add to it all..........

WilsonFrickett Tue 09-Aug-11 11:47:55

Yay! Deffo keep going. Add a fish finger to every meal if that's what it takes!

I agree with Indigo about school though. Not sure if that's the right approach. We sent DS for school dinners and he was actually coming home and telling me how yummy everything was, then the HT called me and bollocked me strongly suggested we put him on a packed lunch as he hadn't eaten ONE SINGLE THING for two weeks. You need to give him stuff he'll eat or the school will have something to say about it I'm afraid, also DS behaviour at home time was absolutely appalling for a while - clearly because he was starving, but of course I didn't know that because he was telling me he'd eaten loads at lunch. blush

WilsonFrickett Tue 09-Aug-11 11:50:05

Sorry, meant to say. DS has the same packed lunch every day:

Grated cheese (only eaten 50% of time)

So you can see it's not a PFB, nutritionally balanced lunch! But it's the only cold food he will eat and he has to eat something. We are building up to Heinz tomato soup for the winter grin. I make soup every blardy week in the cold weather but the only soup he will eat is Heinz tomato!!!

BrigadeOfLannisters Tue 09-Aug-11 11:56:36

It's sadly VERY limited. Noodles, toast (must be exactly "right") one type / flavour of crisps, cereal. All his protein comes from milk. He does eat fruit, carrots and cucumber. I could cobble a bizarre packed lunch out of that and I'm sure the HT would understand but since he is actually responding to wanting to be like others I thought I'd give the school lunch a go first.

I do like the idea of potato, cheese and beans every day for the children who like familiarity. It's such a well-balanced meal and I would delighted if he'd eat something like that. I suppose the thinking was that if it's there every day (rather like the fish-finger) he might eventually try it...

It's difficult but I have bought him a lunch-bag just in case.

IndigoBell Tue 09-Aug-11 12:02:45

Well, you need to try him on the baked potato, beans and cheese thing at home first.

Give it to him every day from now till he starts school. Then you'll see if there's any chance he'll eat it at school.

Not everyone at school will be on hot dinners, he won't stand out if he brings in a packed lunch. My kids insist on packed lunches because that's what their friends have.

But I think he does have to eat lunch. Even if it's milk, cucumber, carrots and fruit.

BrigadeOfLannisters Tue 09-Aug-11 12:16:25

Cheers Indigo I'll do that and if it doesn't work a mad packed lunch it will be.

They get fruit at snack time too and on the visits / inductions he has eaten it.

grin and shock at WilsonFrickett's DS convincing lying about school dinners as well! Hope you have some luck with the soup!

zzzzz Tue 09-Aug-11 12:18:16

Brigade...I just went through the school lunch menu and have come to the conclusion ds must eat baked potatoes. Mow since he has never liked potato unless it's in chips I think this is a long shot, but I too will be SO happy if he can eat it. It just is so sort of comfortingly big and also you can get a baked spud almost anywhere.

We start on Friday and I am putting a baled pot under all his favorite things so it has touched and hopefully by the end of the holidays he can scoff one.

BrigadeOfLannisters Tue 09-Aug-11 12:24:42

"DS MUST EAT BAKED POTATOES" grin Is the lunch menu that bad?

The trouble is - it isn't really baked potato weather, is it? During the snow and school closures I chubbed them all the time as did my other child. Very comforting indeed.

The lone fish-finger is now out of the oven <winces at waste of gas> in solitary splendour on the baking tray. We'll see smile

zzzzz Tue 09-Aug-11 14:58:41

The lunch menu is great....ds is just THAT picky. But have now clocked that they can have a baked pot and salad every day from their salad bar so it would give him an option if the rest is too difficult.

Personally I can kind of dig a baked potato any time blush, but when I was a kid they were a treat so perhaps that has some influence on it. I am also a woman with a large capacity for food. wink

Put the lone fish finger in a frying pan......your kitchen will be baking otherwise.

BrigadeOfLannisters Tue 09-Aug-11 15:02:31

Will do from now on. I did enjoy eating the fish-finger though even when it was stone cold sad

zzzzz Tue 09-Aug-11 15:05:40

I like them in sandwiches.....what does this say about me! shock

blueShark Tue 09-Aug-11 15:29:03

well fish fingers sandwich every day cant be that bad, and you can alternate it with plain toast - as long as he has something to keep him going for few hours. Alternate the carrots, cucumber, fruit, try introducing yogurt during the holidays if as you say he likes milk.

DS takes to school: cheddar/feta sandwich, ham sandwich (have just introduced tuna and sweetcorn too and planning to do boiled egg mayo in the next week or so), yogurt, fruit (apple or grapes or pear or banana), cucumber, juice, (used to send crisps until got a reminder crisps and sweats not allowed). Most days he would not touch the sandwich but keeps him going.

Introduce as much food as possible during the holidays as you can reward him heavily and make a HUGE deal out of him making the effort of eating anything new.

I agree with the others that school is as stressful as it is so at least tackle the lunch dilemma now/as early as you can.

WilsonFrickett Tue 09-Aug-11 17:13:58

Oh I love a fish finger sandwich, had that for lunch after reading this thread actually!

The other thing is DS teacher actually confessed to me that the school dinners were disgusting and often there wasn't enough for non-religious veggies (if that makes sense) to get their choice. So, DS and I would carefully go through the menu and practice making his choice (which would often be veggie because that's how his diet is) and he just wouldn't always be able to get it shock

And Brigade, seriously the fibs!!!!! He would come home, 'Oh we all had sossidges today I really like sossidges my friend doesn't so he had some beans but I ate his chips'. I didn't think he was capable of lying as such, as he is so literal IFSWIM. Was in total shock and actually tried to argue with the HT when he phoned me up blush

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