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cant enjoy holiday with refusal to asses appeal hanging over us

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hannahsmummsy Mon 08-Aug-11 09:35:37

my lovely dd s term ended with her having a nervous break down. havent heard anything new yet from lea lawer re sorting this poxy mess out . I belive to school wants to meet her needs but cant. were going away next week , how can i let this go , and give dd the holiday she is so much looking forward to.

Vinniesbisqwits Mon 08-Aug-11 14:55:58

you just have to hannahsmummsy i totally know how you feel ever step of the way throughout dx and statementing has been during half term and summer break meaning its like a dark cloud hanging over you, but i guess we just have to do what we always end up doing putting a brave face on for it. sometimes just pretending then rubs off and you do relax and begin to forget just for a second or two.
Just think like you have had to think every step of the way so far your not doing it for you but for dd and your doing it in SPITE of these so called professionals, why should they ruin every aspect of our lives we all deserve some peace
please try and relax , ive no ideas on how except think F**K em and enjjoy . have a lovely time

coff33pot Mon 08-Aug-11 15:52:36

You have just written a few letters in the last couple days to give them something to chew on and to let them know you are not going away quietly.

grin Giving them a headache is a good excuse to go away and have a really good time grin

They are going to have to answer your letters and they need time to do it. Just enjoy the break, relax and think no more on it till you come back. You cant do anymore than you have done already for the time being x

hannahsmummsy Mon 08-Aug-11 16:06:16

thanks i left dd watching her dvd for the million time and went to bed. my support worker spoke to the social worker that came round , they both think im a good parent and the lea is taking the piss , so thats something. im putting on weight but cant concentrate on diet , i kept my weight down for years. im going to try and enjoy the caravan . thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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