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ASD and immune system

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CFSKate Sun 07-Aug-11 22:16:28

I've been posting these links in General Health on the ME thread, and I thought maybe I should post them here.

I'll try to summarize them so you can decide if they are worth your while to read, but I'm no biologist so please don't assume my summary is correct!

The first link is about innate immune abnormalities found in some ASD children.
It talks about ASD children without known genetic causes (e.g. Rett or Fragile X). Specifically a "subset characterized by markedly fluctuating behavioral symptoms and repeated loss of once acquired cognitive skills, occurring after immune insults (typically viral infection)".

They call this group ASD/Inf - and then divide that group into two groups
ASD/Inf + GI and ASD/Inf - no GI. +GI means they also have gastrointestinal symptoms.

Then they compare these two groups to ASD children without "fluctuating behavioral symptoms/cognitive skills following immune insults" and to children without ASD, the controls.

"Unexpectedly, our results revealed that the ASD/Inf children with severe GI symptoms (ASD/Inf + GI) but not those without GI symptoms (ASD/Inf-no GI) exhibit distinct innate immune abnormalities in association with significantly altered transcript profiles of PB monocytes."

The second link is about some research done on a family, the mother had various previous diagnosis of CFS, possible MS, possible Lyme, depression, and 3 of her 4 children have ASD. "Subsequently, she and the three children were diagnosed with a number of chronic infections and were treated with different degrees of effectiveness."

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