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Poems about our extra special's mine to start off!

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unpa1dcar3r Sun 07-Aug-11 17:21:54

Sorry pinched the idea from the autism poem thread but feel free to add your own ditties about your extra special children....I hope no oneminds me sharing

I wish a friend would knock and say
“Can the boys come out to play?”
“Let’s take our bikes and go to the park”
“As long as you’re back before its dark”
I wish my boy could sit and chill
Without the need of a Ritalin pill
I wish my boy could read a book
And engage me saying “Come and look”
I wish I didn’t worry so much!
And could give my boys a gentle touch
Without the fear of being hit
Or even worse of being bit!
I wish for them a life of joy
Just like every girl and boy
A life where they can get a job
And earn themselves a nice few bob
Get a house, have a wife
Really to have a ‘normal’ life
I wish they didn’t need so much
And hold my heart in such a clutch.
I wish I knew before they came
The heartache and never ending pain.

But the pain I feel is far outweighed
And heartache I do farewell bade
When I think how very lucky I am
Although none of this was in my plan
To be so blessed with these little guys
Who are just perfect in my eyes
Innocence they have untold
And with their love my heart they hold
The laughter they bring, the joy to my heart
Love has no ending, it has no start.
It is just there for always and forever
I am nothing without them, and I would never
Be without my boys
The pain is nothing compared to the joys.
I don’t envy others, they’re not as lucky as me
For the plain fact is they make me free
Free to challenge and free to fight
And fight I will with all my might
For they are worth more than words can say
And I will love them to my dying day.

coff33pot Sun 07-Aug-11 21:08:22

That is really lovely smile

Vinniesbisqwits Sun 07-Aug-11 21:18:02

aww thats wonderful and heartfelt thanks for sharing you know how we all feel its lovely.

unpa1dcar3r Sun 07-Aug-11 22:17:01

Thanks Coffee and Vinnie. Feel free to add your

1980Sport Sun 07-Aug-11 22:21:34

Unpa1d you've just made me cry, that was lovely, thank you for sharing!

Vinniesbisqwits Sun 07-Aug-11 22:26:22

ive put a couple on the other thread x

unpa1dcar3r Sun 07-Aug-11 22:51:05

Thanks Sport, sorry for making you cry! blush
I'll go check yours out Vinnie....

1980Sport Sun 07-Aug-11 23:20:01

My little boy is a big two,
But there is still so much he cannot do.
I'm so tired of telling everyone,
Sorry that's something he has not done.
So I've decided to be positive for awhile.
He has gorgeous blue eyes and the very best smile.
His very favourite toys are his touchy feely books.
I daren't take one away or I'd get a stern look.
He loves his Granda best of all,
And gets so excited when we visit or call.
We do his exercises every day of the year,
And there's never so much as a cry or a tear.
We watch Handy Manny as a treat at the end,
We love to see the tools twist and bend.
To say this is what I wanted would mean I'd lied
But when I look at him I burst with pride.
Less and less I ask myself Why?
I'll be here to look after him until the day I die.
He's MY wonderful, gorgeous, special little boy
To me and our whole family he brings so much joy.

1980Sport Sun 07-Aug-11 23:20:33

An amateur effort compared to yours Unpa1d smile

coff33pot Mon 08-Aug-11 00:39:17

I wake, its morning, who am I going to be
Ben10, an explorer, a monster, a roarer
I can be anyone...........but me

Uniform time I cannot avoid
The prickly jumper, it gets me annoyed
Shirt like sandpaper, socks strangle my feet
The anger with in me it cannot be beat
And now I dont me

School is noisy, crowded and busy
The teacher insists I follow my peers
It makes me flighty, and scared and dizzy
And quite often I end up in tears
I would like to be anyone..........but me

I crash, I stomp, I yell, I roar
And on occasion I roll on the floor
Why cant you see what I am trying to say
I want you to take all these people away
I want to be on my own............just me

Then its PE and I run and hide
teacher says I choose time out or abide
I cant catch a ball and they laugh and giggle
It really upsets me and I get in a pickle
Oh how I wish that I was invisible
I really dont like ........being me

Then home, I relax, my Mum rubs my back
Wrapped up in a blanket, the uniform scrapped
My best friend jumps up and licks my face
He pinches a biscuit from my plate
Then off we charge all over the place
At LAST I am allowed to be

Chummybud1 Mon 08-Aug-11 00:57:01

My little baby boy
Born he is my pride and joy,
But now he is but only 2
I realise he is not like me or you

By 3 things seem even worse
Nursery is making such a fuss
They see he is so far behind the
Development levels for his time

By5 he is in school
But won't obey their rules
They say he has Dcd
Which trully means nothing to me

By 7 he can't ride a bike,
Never mind read or write
In school he is so far behind
To say he is coping is being kind.

By 10 Things are worse still
Now the thought of school just makes us ill
The don't see my boy as being a thrill
But that they are climbing an ever ending hill

But I don't cate what they say
My lovely boy just makes my day
He is funny, clever and very kind
Life won't leave him behind

unpa1dcar3r Mon 08-Aug-11 10:45:03

Awww Sport, Coffee and Chummy, they're amazing, made me a bit sad and a bit happy to see that we are all so blessed with seeing the sheer beauty of our extra special children...
Not all parent have that, they take it for granted, I did with my girls, but my boys have taught me sooo much and I feel so blessed. We all are.

Keep 'em coming guys...maybe we should put them in a MN book haha!

unpa1dcar3r Mon 08-Aug-11 10:49:05

Oh here's one I wrote years ago when I was doing around 9/10 loads a day through the boys soiling...

Washing in the basket, washing on the line,
Washing in the dryer, washing all the time.
More in the machine and washing on the floor,
Washing on the radiators,
And when the day is over and
I think I’ve done it all,
I turn away, I don’t look back ‘cos

1980Sport Mon 08-Aug-11 11:35:53

Prompted by something that happened this morning!

Today an older lady said 'What a shame!'
'Do you know the cause or the blame?'

I was angry, hurt and upset!
He's more happy and content than any child you know I bet!

Ok, so he's not developing just as he should.
But that doesn't mean you can be so bloody rude.

Why is being 'normal' at the fore?
When being special can mean so much more!

coff33pot Mon 08-Aug-11 12:45:11

Lovely poems! I love the washing one grin

Talking of washing......................

Chummybud1 Mon 08-Aug-11 13:07:32

Omg I love the washing one and now feel less alone

LollipopViolet Mon 08-Aug-11 13:16:24

Look Past My Eyes

Look at me and what do you see?
A girl of 21, appearing normal as can be
But what is not apparent, is that I cannot see,
As well as other people, but that's part of me

I get on with life, independence is key,
On buses and trains I go where I want to be,
But the one thing I want, for which I strive,
Will never be granted to me, a licence to drive.

When I apply for a job, you look down my CV,
You read about my experiences, you read about me,
But then you ask if I can drive, my answer is no,
So you say I'm unsuitable for the job, and away I must go

All I want is a chance to shine,
To do a job that I love, be proud that it's mine,
But people see my bad eyes, they don't understand,
That it affects very little, only sometimes, I need a hand

1980Sport Mon 08-Aug-11 13:24:16

Poems are great - such an insight in to you and your child's lves. Thanks for sharing!

Lollipop - you should attach that to your CV for your next job app!

devientenigma Mon 08-Aug-11 13:26:57

This is one my dd wrote when she was about 8 for homework:

My brother is a cuddly teddy with white lovely fur.
He uses his hands to speak to me.
And sits in peace and calm.
He's a big grumpy giant with huge lazy feet.
He's a small greedy dog with a slavery face.
He's a fan of football and wishes he can play.
He's a beautiful little quiet mouse.
He's small like a frog.
He signs to me about a cat and follows me around.

For those who know us you will realise this is him spot on!!

Vinniesbisqwits Mon 08-Aug-11 14:21:00

ive been putting on poems and some people have said they are lovely but make them cry so how about a funny one about school my sons favorite he didnt write it but if he and all our dcs could have i think they would grin

we break up , we break down,
I dont care if the school falls down,
this time next week where shall we be,
out of these gates of misery,

no more latin,
no more french,
no more sitting on a hard old bench,
no more cabbages filled with slugs,
no more drinking out of dirty old mugs,
no more spiders in my tea ,
making googly eyes at me,

kick up tables,
kick up chairs,
kick old teacher down the stairs,
and if that does not serve her right,

he love shouting the last sentence wink

1980Sport Mon 08-Aug-11 14:58:18

Love it Vinnie and yours Enigma too!

Ok here's my last one...

We're pinning our hopes on Deciphering Developmental Delay
To provide some answers come what may!

If one more doctor says a diagnosis doesn't matter.
I think I might go mad as a hatter!

We know it won't change our special boy,
Making him better isn't our ploy.

You don't understand why we've made it our mission.
That's because you're not in our position!

coff33pot Mon 08-Aug-11 15:47:53

Vinnie I just read this one out to DS 6yrs
He giggled and said "COOL!" "BOOM!" so I think your poems a winner with him grin

I am enjoying reading all these poems smile

unpa1dcar3r Mon 08-Aug-11 17:12:47

Hey Sport, your episode with the stupid old lady prompted this;

Hello there, you silly old trout,
shut your mouth if you don't want a clout
bandying your ignorance all about
'cos that's what it is, without a doubt.

My boys the best so up yer bum
he is my gorgeous special son

so next time you say 'aint it a shame,
where does it come from, who's to blame?'
think on a bit you bloody pain
shut yer gob and engage your brain!!!! grin

signandsmile Mon 08-Aug-11 18:35:39

unpaid love it! grin

Vinniesbisqwits Mon 08-Aug-11 18:42:17

i was very proud when ds learned these two little rhyms short and easy to remember but i was so happy when he realised what they mean

baa baa black shep have you any wool,
'What do ya think I'm wearing an anorak?!!

and this :

Twinkle twinkle little star,
I dont wonder what you are,
Your the cooling down of gasses turning into solid masses.

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