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would anyone be able to help me with a letter.....

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queenoffairies Sun 07-Aug-11 14:13:49

to DD's trampolining coach please? DD is still slogging away with her trampoling class, and has actually conquered her fear of a particular move, and is feeling very chuffed with herself.

Which is great. But, she is now wanting to do a couple of courses with the club, which again - is fantastic, but - in reality - there is no way she would be able to do this without a great deal of support from the club.

So, I thought maybe I would write the coach an email/letter detailing DD's issues, and what she needs help with etc - basically so I/they can gauge as to whether the club would be able to offer that level of support. Did that make sense?confused Although the head coach and a couple of other coaches do have special needs training, they do not run a specific special needs club, so I am a bit confused as to the level of support I should expect, or that they would be able to offer.

If anyone does fancy helping, would it be ok to pm my letter to you please, rather than post it on here? Many thanks in advancesmile

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