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any ideas for campaign to keep holiday centre running?

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cansu Sat 06-Aug-11 15:04:50

I have discovered that a holiday centre for people with disabilities is to be closed and I would really like to start some kind of campaign to change the board's mind about this. I know virtually nothing about how to do this, does anyone have any tips or experience they can share with me?

Ineedalife Sat 06-Aug-11 15:32:54

No idea sorry, but I hope someone can help you. It seems so easy for the cuts to be made around people who don't have a voice to fight.sad.

An SN nursery near us closed last week, it had been open for 40 years, my mum used to volunteer there when I was little and my niece went there.sad

upahill Sat 06-Aug-11 16:02:07

Could you put a letter in the local paper and ask if people are interested to contact you. If you get enough responses arrange a meeting to see how you could get a campaign moving forward.

Maybe get the paper to support your campaign.

coff33pot Sat 06-Aug-11 17:19:20

What is their reason for closing? Is it staffing?

You could try some sort of petition in the local shops. Letters from some of the people that use it or their carers on their behalf. Advertising the fact in a local paper as upahill suggests or if its staffing would any of the parents volounteer on a rota basis to help out? I realise there would be a matter of security checks etc but perhaps if the volounteers would pay for the cost of the checks themselves. If its lack of funding then find out how much and do a request for financial help story in a paper.

cansu Sat 06-Aug-11 18:16:07

Thanks for the ideas. I might try the local paper and perhaps posting on the internet. I am not very clued up with the whole facebook thing but I will learn! It's a centre that provides holidays to children and adults for a week at a time. It's brilliant because the children / adults get a great holiday with trips out and excellent care and the families can actually have a proper holiday like I imagine 'normal' families do! Our ds ASD is just too severely affected by his autism to cope with a family holiday but he seems to enjoy this place and we can then enjoy our holiday without feeling worried all the time about ds. The charity that runs the centre believe that families don't want this kind of service apparently and would rather have either one or two night respite or help at home. I only found out when I dropped ds off today for his holiday so I will get started on my campaign when I get back from my holiday. if I'm not successful it will probably be our last holiday because it's the only place I know which does this longer stay kind of break.

upahill Sat 06-Aug-11 18:46:29

Good luck with your campaign.

RE holidays-Is this any good to you?

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