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Last year at school!!

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theyoungone Sat 06-Aug-11 07:56:27

After all the hard work that teachers, helpers, grand parents, the health authories and of course us the exhausted parents have put in, it seems that coming in to the last year of my daughter Scarlet Young's education, who is an ADHD young lady and everyone has given up on her!!
Although Scarlet is very definately an ADHD person, she is a strong willed and a very brave young woman indeed! She has had to cope with poor eyesight and lack of co-ordination in her fingers etc etc. She's had to cope with discrimination from other kids and mums too, who have at times been down right cruel. I.e: when she was at the very small primary school and it was a childs birthday party and Scarlet was the only child that wasn't invited to that party!!
Scarlet Young has got a very rare talent though, she can sing and boy CAN she sing and she would like to go to Gloucester College to do Performing Arts next year, but the college have said that the course will be too hard for her! We found out all of this on the last day of term, so the school is shut until September so we can't talk to anyone until then. And then yesterday after finding out that there was a fantastic Performing Arts network that my daughter could join, we found out that she's probably to old to join, but not only that, we found out that one of the locations for this Performing Arts club is actually at Scarlet's school!!
I just want to know why we weren't told about this club, because she could have joined years ago and it would have helped her to follow her dream for going to college!!
I know I must sound as though I'm waffling on, but after all of these years of battling to make sure that Scarlet had a decent education, one of which she's entitled to, we're finding that when she leaves school next year then her job prospect is almost nil!!
Oh and the school in question is the one where J.K Rowling went to and they weren't much help to her either!!

coff33pot Sun 07-Aug-11 00:16:43

I can fully understand why you are not a happy bunny and feel that they are now starting to fail your DD.

I didnt want your post to go unanswered but I dont know what advice to give other than do you have a Connexions in your area? It is for help and advice for youngsters who are about to leave school and go to college or further education. Looks into places for them etc etc Helps them with a lot more besides just this.

What is it that the college think will be too hard for her? Is it the timetable, could she have additional tuition to help her keep up?

Maybe someone else might be along with some suggestions on how to tackle your DDs situation smile

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