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Carers allowance

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Can you claim it more than once if you care for 2 eligible people at the same time?

davidsotherhalf Tue 02-Aug-11 10:32:57

carers allowance is only paid once, even if you looked after 10 ppl you can only get one lot, sorry

bdaonion Tue 02-Aug-11 10:34:32

I don't think so. BUT if one of the 2 is an adult (not sure if that is over 16 or 18 where DWP is concerned), you can claim for them and they can claim for the child, as long as both are inreceipt of DLAand the adult does not earn more that £100 a week.

That's my understanding of it. I stand to be corrected.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Tue 02-Aug-11 10:48:08

I'm sure they are both right. Someone else on here claims for her DH and DH claims for their DC.

AlysWho Tue 02-Aug-11 12:23:25

I loose my CA when I go to college full time in Sep. Even tho obviously I'm still caring for my DD, ever so slightly OVER 35 hours a week! I dont get it. Its not like i'm going to be earning (exactly the opposite in fact, I'll end up £thousands in debt)

EllenJaneisnotmyname Tue 02-Aug-11 12:41:36

Think you can only work (or be in college?) under 16 hours/week. Madness, when DS is in school longer than 16 hours during term time.

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