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Does anyone else have a child, who at times will not eat without prompting?

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electra Mon 01-Aug-11 18:46:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coff33pot Mon 01-Aug-11 19:04:26

awww bless her sad

Does she enjoy cooking something with you? only I am thinking if she is helping you do the family meal or snack and chopping bits up using her hands it might distract her to put some food in her mouth expecially as mum likes to take a sneaky nibble wink I just wondered if she just might at least get a bit of food inside her that way. Wouldnt matter what it was as long as she ate. Does she like milkshake? If so I would buy some Build Up from the chemist. You can split a sachet into two milkshakes for kids and they taste good.

I did this with my DD when she was younger. She didnt have a problem with picking up food though.....she was just a marmite and bread only child.

Triggles Mon 01-Aug-11 20:34:58

DS eats better when sitting in front of the TV. Tends to go on autopilot. So if we've had a particularly difficult time getting food into him, we opt for a favourite meal in front of the TV just to get food in him. He also does the "reach out for a food and then pull away at the last second." Drives me spare sometimes.

Cathycat Mon 01-Aug-11 21:16:35

Hi! My ds who has asd also tends only to eat with a prompt, such as "It's time to eat" when food is in front of him. This can lead to weakness by the end of a school term as he forgets to eat much of his packed lunch. We mention it to school staff every now and again, and dh tends to put a written note in his lunch bag, eg., "Hello ds, Please drink your water today! Love Daddy" which works well and makes him smile too! Another thing we do is give sandwiches, fruit and a treat that he really loves, and he knows the routine, which we have drummed into him: sandwiches, fruit, treat, which gives an incentive and ensures as much as poss is eaten, as he is extremely skinny! We practised a packed lunch at home in the school holidays to get him well prepared!

drivemecrazy63 Tue 02-Aug-11 19:43:25

with reguards to the toileting issue my ds only finally got controll at age 9 after so long trying he just wasnt getting the discomfort of full bowel or the horrible feeling if he messed himself he saw the pead had a hv and child development ped nurse who trained more specifically in this area he would go days without going properly or not at all we used lactulose and fresh orange juice used to make him go but as he got older this rarely worked his body got used to it,
he would let it back up and he would sit on the loo and cry he would scream if you took him to the doc or nurse he would be hysterical , i tried leaving him , encoraging, bribery , nothing worked he needed to mature in this area he was just behind by many years but behind, we had a thing of he would go just before bed sometimes he would sometimes he wouldnt in the endd he began doing it regular then occasionally he now has actually gone mid afternoon [grins] what a breakthrough and without medication too,occasioally if hes upset he reverses and wont go to the toilet so if this happens he has to have stronger tablets from the doctor now to make him go.but at least he will go without promting and me litterally holding his hand for hours ( we have got him a padded loo seat in the blue bathroom (his fave toilet ) weve 3 loos he will only go on that one.

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