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Do children with AS see things?

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coff33pot Sun 31-Jul-11 01:16:21

DS 6yrs is being assessed for AS.

I have noticed for the last couple weeks he has been waving at no one confused As we got out of the car and walked to front door he turned and waved down the road. When I asked who he was waving at he said his friend. I said I cant see anyone and he said he has got a green T shirt on and just walked in the house. I have also seen him do this from his bedroom window.

Two days ago we had gone for our usual evening walkabout (its mad holiday time where I live so we tend to go out 8pm ish when its quiet) We walked down the hill and he looked accross at a culdesac and said Nanny and Grandad are over there look. Well I looked and there was no one about. So I told him there is no one there. He just said oh well I thought it was them as they had hair like Nanny and Grandad and just carried on skipping.

Tonite on the way home from walking dog we were walking through town and DS was waving again. I asked who he was waving at and he said "oh one of my friends they are always walking about" then he was quiet (well touching windows as we walked) and he said "maybe you will meet my friends one day"

Now I know he has a vivid imagination and plays role games by himself in his head. He does say he has pictures in his head and he cant switch them off at school and he has got to play the pictures out? Also things like a fiver, tenner, twenty pound note he says five dollars or ten dollars. Tonite he was inside a phone box while waiting for a taxi (it was quiet inside it and there was a huge que so that was where he chose to wait. He shouts out Mum! I have found 8 scents! confused

No matter how many times I tell him our currency he says he likes the sound better?

It is starting to concern me and did give me the creeps as by his face tonite he was really seeing something. Does any other Mums notice this in their children?

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 01:28:04

I remember talking hedge hogs and giant flies when i was little , dont see them now though so you must grow out of it x

coff33pot Sun 31-Jul-11 01:38:13

I used to sleepwalk big time and I have flooded the bathroom in my sleep, been scraping the back of the bedroom door aparently picking cherries according to my mother. I only do it now if stressed out and have been known to have done an entire load of washing, dried it and made myself breakfast. The smell of the toast in the morning gave it away and that fact I left the lights on grin

But this seems different to me. He doesnt suffer nightmares or had any night terrors as a child and all this is happening day time. Its a very recent thing but I suppose it could be just imaginary friends. It wasnt just a little wave either his arm was right up and he was waving like mad.

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 01:58:04

i could imagine parades of marching band faries (pre 7 years old ) and they would become very real , i dont think its anything to worry about , just a young childs way of coping with as x it was comforting

coff33pot Sun 31-Jul-11 02:11:48

Thanks for that. I do like the idea of the band fairies marching smile

I could do with a few of those to help me off to sleep instead of sitting here doing accounts YAWN!

And I think you are right this waving at imaginary friends when we are out could well be a coping/fitting in strategy of his. He loves his grandparents too so maybe he is seeing them as a comfort zone smile

drivemecrazy63 Sun 31-Jul-11 12:04:13

i wonder if words with D letter feel better and nicer to say in their mouth as D words like daddy usually come before mummy dont thay (my ds like to call money dollars too btw) maybe too many american programmes on tv these days smile with the seeing things imaginary , a lot of dcs have imaginary friends dont they my ds used to as a three yo sit bolt upright and chat to someone he said he could see in the room at bedtime stopped when we moved, but want to ask whats his sleep like coff33pot as my ds when only sleeping 2/4 hours a night and was broken sleep began seeing things and calling me when playing saying hed seen unusuall things when i told CAMHS (who weve now been discharged from) and told them of all the individual instances they made me keep a diary but asured me it was (as i thought it might be ) from lack of sleep.

coff33pot Sun 31-Jul-11 21:06:20

Hi drivemecrazy63 DS sleeps like log. He doesnt go to bed till 9.30pm though as still on springs prior to this time. We go up at 9pm and wind down so if he has got any worries then most of the time they are talked about then. He is out like a light by 9.30 and doesnt move till 8am. For that I am a lucky lady grin

I have no doubt the dollar business is something to do with TV and its stuck in his mind. His sister likes I Carly, Keenan and Kel so I expect dollars are mentioned there smile When I correct him he just says he likes the sound and I suppose it does roll off the toungue easy smile

I think I am going to do some sort of diary on it just incase I see a pattern ie. always when we are out or if its when he is anxious or jus plain friend inventing. Its just started over the last couple of weeks. He has school on his mind even though its a few weeks away yet. It could well be he is imagining what its going to be like and picturing a friend to make it a nicer picture. We shal see smile

Claw3 Sun 31-Jul-11 23:35:45

Ds had imaginary friends for years, probably because he like the idea of friends, but struggled with it in real life.

coff33pot Mon 01-Aug-11 00:50:23

Well two 6yr olds actually knocked the door for DS today grin I think partly because it was raining and they were bored. DH invited them in to play. DS was pleased said hi then said "you can play with what you like" and got back on the couch and turned his ps3 on confused

DH spent all afternoon encouraging him to play a game with the kids but it wasnt happening. So we had two extra kids out of the rain playing with each other in my house.

When I got home from work I asked DS if he had a great day and he said yes it was great I had two friends round to play with me hmm

Claw3 Mon 01-Aug-11 07:50:20

Well its a start grin Ds always ends up doing his own thing too. The good thing about imaginary friends is they play exactly what ds wants to play, exactly the way he wants it played.

I remember a Paed asking me 'does he talk to himself' and i replied 'no' and she said 'i thought you said he had imaginary friends', 'oh yeah, he talks to George all the time'!! ive never seen it as him talking to himself grin

At least your ds had a great day in his own way smile

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