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lea laywer

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hannahsmummsy Sat 30-Jul-11 23:17:41

the lea tribuneral lawer has writtern to me stating that she is my main point of contact re rufusall to asses dd, she says she will call an emergency metting as dd has had a total nervous breack down , i suggested to the layer my dd start back late as even if we have a meeting it is unlikley my dd will arive at school and every thing will be in place on first day of term , she said my dd s attendance is already poor (which i recon will make the lea look bad on appeal.) I have now writtern to her making it clear i want work sent home untill a care plan is inplace and a teaching assistant allocated. should i cooperate with this o so helpfull woman or will she have the lea best intrests at heart.

hannahsmummsy Sat 30-Jul-11 23:19:40

social services have cleared me and told me im a good parent . but the fuckers wont give me any respite even though they keep putting me through hell and pointing the finger

hannahsmummsy Sat 30-Jul-11 23:28:29

I have also i will take my appeal every step of the way as the senco has never even bloody heard of dds condition and and an assesment is required as no body has any idea how to help her her school taxi has been taken away so her disabled mother will have to escort her as she has threatened to gomit suicide / truant if i put her on school bus (this is tottally out of character) shes in year 11 so a change of schools wont be feasaible no is home ed an opition for my sanity.

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 01:25:31

I cant sleep i just cant stop crying , the minute she goes back to school she will get ill again i will be acussed of causing it. if i keep her home they will acusse me . oh god whats the point of living if this is all i have to look forward to at the same time as watching my dd going through hell i feel so powerless , i no doubt will have to attend lots of poxy meetings where i will be bullied and blamed and they will be totally friutless as far as help for dd is concerned , i feel like the only person in the world , i dont go out only to buy food. i just cant bear this torture any more .

coff33pot Sun 31-Jul-11 01:53:02

You can bare it and you will smile You have no choice but too. No one else is going to help your DS if you dont.

You have been told it is not your fault by the social services and that you are a good parent so they are recognising the fact that your DS has issues smile

The respite probably isnt forthcoming because social services dont like spending money now do they?

I dont know anything about appeals as I have never dealt with that sort of thing so I cant advise you on who to trust. Perhaps someone will post here that is more experienced soon.

At the moment you are feeling negative and you are paniking about something that hasnt happened yet. Your DD is not in school now and wont be for the rest of the holidays so relax and stay calm as the pressure is off your DD for the time being. Get your health back on track and get out of the house even if it is at night when its quiet. Do something daft like go to the park in the moonlight with your DD. Take a bus to the remotest point you can find together and have a picnic tomorrow away from hussle and bussle and just be yourselves.

The days you feel you can do battle it. The days you cant.......then thats a message to put it behind you for the day and cut it out.

Above all keep smiling. Shes got you and that is worth more than anything x

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 01:59:32

Thanks x

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 14:53:44

went to church and then went to the convent next door for a chat with one of the sisters she pops in the school and chats with dd (its a faith school) , I hope she can help in some way even just in prayer x.

Starchart Sun 31-Jul-11 16:05:23

You can tell the tribunal that the LAcLawyer has told you only to deal with her and that you have felt intimidated and bullied by this.

If you haven't got this in writing, write to the Lawyer to clarify that you have been told only to deal with them.

Also write and tell them that due to your disability you can find it difficult to deal with some subtleties of conversation so you prefer the more literal written word and woul like them to communicate with you in this way for clarity.

hannahsmummsy Sun 31-Jul-11 16:45:22

the lawer has put it in writing x xx
is it normal for the lawer to take over like this , it seems so help full all most too helpfull if you get what i mean x

tiredoffightingwithjelly Mon 01-Aug-11 08:39:38

I think you may be right to have some concerns about this hannhsmummy, who would you like to liaise with from the LA? An education officer would seem far more appropriate if the LA have any intentions of helping you to find solutions rather than just going through the motions till tribunal but I don't know your situation so maybe wrong, wishing you luck smile

ps are you taking a supporter with you?

hannahsmummsy Mon 01-Aug-11 19:04:59

no im very keen on reprenting my daughter myself , locally the support groups seen to have some funding from the lea so i dont trust . i feel i can do all the evidence etc when she goes back to school im going to get it together . they want me to back down from going to tribuneral , but i have proof they have blatently brocken the law , i dont care if we win or lose , shes in year 11 no 6th form at school so there is nothing to lose everything to gain for dd

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