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Undiagnosed 7YO poss ASD Boob fascination?????

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angelPeacock Fri 29-Jul-11 22:37:36

Hi, My DS who is 7 has a fixation with my bras and boobs.
He seems AS but docs arnt convinced, but theres definately something "not right" with the way his mind and world works IYGWIM
The latest thing if boobs
luckily it seems to be only me. We found him playing with a bra i had bought recently, and put it down to his "im-thinking-about-somthing-and-cant-rest-untill-ive-said/done-it" ways, but i have noticed he fidgets with them a lot, and when im getting changed and he is in the bedroom he seems to stare at just my breasts.
is this an age thing or something i should be concerned about (not overly, just a keep my eye on it kind of concerned)
sorry if this is a bit rambly, its like anything with my son, its hard to put into words
thanks xxx

FickleFreckle Sat 30-Jul-11 08:31:28

Oh dear AngelPeacock I can see how awkward this could be (my NT-I-think 3 year old is absolutely fixated on breastfeeding and I find that embarrassing enough!)

I suppose it is an age thing to be curious (I remember being fascinated by my own mother's body) but maybe he is less inhibited about it if he has possible ASD issues? My son goes through the same sort of stages as other children only a bit later and more so, IYSWIM.

With my son's obsessions I usually try to widen them a bit and then encourage focus on the more socially appealing aspects - could you get him interested in the human body in general and encourage him to focus on bits that are a little less, er, sensitive? Just a thought?

good luck in puzzling this one out, as I say I can sympathise smile

bedheadz Sat 30-Jul-11 08:47:50

Slightly different as your ds is just looking, my ds is obssessed with my bottom. "because it is so lovely and squishy" if i have jeans on it is OK because he hates the feel of denim. If I am wearing anything else he will try to squeeze my bottom and rub his face on it.

I presume he is sensory seeking and have bought a cuddle ball to try and stop him but it isn't working.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sat 30-Jul-11 09:05:59

DS is 6 and wants to squish them (even in public ie waiting to go into beavers blush). He is in the process of ASD assessment. We keep having the talk about appropriateness and private places........ not going in yet though

working9while5 Sat 30-Jul-11 10:29:51


When I was an ABA tutor, the little boy I was working with turned 7 and became suddenly fascinated with our bums. I seem to remember the consultant saying something about it relating to their development at this age e.g. all kids begin to notice boobs now, yet obviously when you've social cognition challenges you don't realise the inappropriacy of doing it publically!

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