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Interesting article from the Benefits and Work Forum

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InfestationofLannisters Fri 29-Jul-11 20:11:13

Atos attacked by MPs

The MPs who make up the work and pensions committee have come to the conclusion that the service provided by Atos in relation to the work capability assessment the medical test for employment and support allowance - is so poor that another provider should be introduced to allow competition to drive up standards.

The report contains some unusually damning criticism not just of Atos, but also of the government for the way it has failed to prevent the extremely negative and inaccurate portrayal of benefits claimants as scroungers and workshy every time a new set of employment and support allowance statistics is released.

So, the fury of the committees chair, Anne Begg, can be imagined when on the same day that the report was published, employment minister Chris Grayling chose to release the latest ESA statistics ensuring that yet another round of claimant bashing headlines replaced coverage of the committees recommendations.

Anne Begg has taken the extremely unusual step of writing an open letter to Chris Grayling in protest at the continued vilification of claimants.

In the same week, a DWP research report provides the first evidence that the high drop-out rate for ESA claims prior to a medical is not due to workshy scroungers being frightened of being caught out, as ministers and tabloids like to claim. Instead, it is due to honest claimants with conditions that have improved ending their claims, as the Benefits and Work forum has argued all along.

Needless to say, this is a report which will not make headlines or do anything to stem the flood of tabloid hatred towards the sick and disabled.


wraith Sun 31-Jul-11 01:16:10

yea the company that is takin over part of the owrk load is g4s i think ive had a test assessment from them of the new criteria and they werep olite and knowaglable and such

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