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Stop discrimination in schools

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HollyLouise22 Fri 29-Jul-11 12:13:46

I'm 17 and have been visually impaired since birth. I've been to a number of schools and have noticed that there are extreme differences in the ways they have treated my disability. I know a lot of you will either have disabilities yourself, or have a child with a disability and know what I mean. I'm aiming to raise awareness of disabilities at my school in an effort to reduce discrimination.

Currently on channel 4 there is a program called battlefront where young people get support with a campaign they want to raise awareness of. I am campaigning to increase the education young people have about disabilities in order to hopefully reduce some of the problems people have socially at school. Obviously I don't expect what I'm doing will ever solve every problem, but even if we can make a small step that is something. In order to be featured on the program and get a lot of public support with my campaign I need the highest number of votes to become the 6th campaigner. You only have to fill in your email address and name, and every vote helps.

I feel so strongly about this and appreciate your support so much.

Click here to vote for my campaign

Every vote is really important smile

BakeliteBelle Fri 29-Jul-11 19:36:30

well, I've voted for you. Good luck. There seems to be no strategy, national or local, for making school a good place for disabled children. I think it would be a great thing to have this issue featured on Channel 4. Perhaps Frankie Boyle will watch it...

bedheadz Fri 29-Jul-11 20:23:07

Have voted and put your link in my status hopefully get you some more votes

SparkleRainbow Sun 31-Jul-11 08:08:53

In my ds' experience it is not just the children who need better education about disabilities, the children were fine, it was the teachers!!!! and I say that as a teacher myself, I was horrified by some of their attitudes.

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