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holiday guilt

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hannahsmummsy Thu 28-Jul-11 23:34:48

IM so wraped up in the fight with the LEA about the support dd with need sept , (to put it briefly her education was cocked up the minute she went to secondary , primary was good and supportive). I so badly worry about writing letters , photocopying reports etc , on top I have ha sw visits , luckily the notion that I was causing daughters illness soon apeared ridulous to them ) so they are not doing a full assesment, I told her I want respite care doubt it will happen but at least I have had my say. any way I cant chill , cant have fun and im trying to not let dd pick up all of this. people on here have suggested home schooling but im disabled myself and I need school so we both have respite . also education is a fundemdal right in this country sn or nt . I intend to assert this right ( hopefully without burning out ). I cant switch off I cant have holiday fun . the miniute i took her and little friend swimming all hell broke loose cos dd got a tiny splash in the going out is not fun either . HOW DO I EVER SWITCH OFF FROM ALL THIS SHIT

coff33pot Fri 29-Jul-11 00:50:10

The answer is that you dont. Sorry but no nicer way of putting it smile Its 12.30 pm and everyone else is asleep and I am on here and all over the net searching for ideas to make the hols easier for my two DCs who after two days together hate each others guts. Also looking up strategies to help DS because lets face it yes a dx if you get one will open a few doors to us but at the end of the day you still got to fight for it so I am not sitting and waiting and worrying when is it ever going to come. DS (poss AS) wants my DD to play although he doesnt actually PLAY with her. She just has to walk around with him while he role plays something he has seen on TV. This drives her bats as she is 10 and too big to play with little bro and although I have explained his issues and remind her gently she has done nothing but "WHAT" or "NO" or "WHATEVER" I have explained she goes out swimming, to her nans, beach, out to play and clubs and in return it wouldnt hurt for her to donate 30 mins at the end of the day with DS. Hormones are kicking in and natural sibling rivalry. So I have a NT I know the world and everything in it and am testing the limit on dishing out the cheeky lip grinand a SN I am bordering meltdown because my sis wont play and if you send my sis to her room oh boy am I gonna get mad anyway.

DS is constantly asking if it is school tomorrow and probably will each night and each morning and a couple times during each day because he knows he is going to a different class and it has bothered him since he left for the hols. DD is quoting the its unfair I dont get to do anything with the teenager draging her knuckles on the ground stance.

I am trying to run normal household duties and do accounts in the midst of flying toys whilst the inlaws LOVE to pop round to my little house that resembles Berut on a good day saying we thought it would be nice to pop in for a cuppa confused. Have been tapping computer with one hand and painting a picture with DS on the other and YESSSS I painted the keyboard by mistake and the enter button is now blue grin

See? I live in a nuthouse too and such is life. I guess what I am trying to say is DONT let it get you down. Your DD had a bad day at swimming and it must have been bad for you and her and trying to get her help is soooo stressful..........but in order to keep your own sanity put that episode to the back of your mind and cancel it out and start a new day. Its the only way I keep going (and there is another 5 weeks to goooo)............and if I dont............then I come on here and drive everyone else bats grin

You just keep on going mate that is what us mums do. Nite nite smile xxxxx

MrsShrekTheThird Fri 29-Jul-11 01:12:22

switching off is for lights, not us. Coff33 was spot on with "You just keep on going mate that is what us mums do." smile Too right we feel like we can't - but somehow we do. I've got a 10.6yo with ASD and two younger NTs, life is, err, interesting. Heaven knows what shit we have ahead of us, DS1's going into y6 and the mere implication of a spelling test sends him barmy so a whole year of talking SATS is going to test us to the limit, in every sense.
You keep on writing your letters, fight for the dc because you are the only one who is good at doing it and knows what to do.
Try to get a little breather at some point in the day, even if it's only two minutes in the bathroom in peace (we do say in this nuthouse that there's no p in peace, though) Come on here and rant, tis very therapeutic smile

hannahsmummsy Fri 29-Jul-11 10:04:05

thanks ladys xxxx

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