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Who do i need to ask for help?

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3cutedarlings Thu 28-Jul-11 20:26:13

My DS is 2.5 and is basically an escape artist (amongst others) he can undo his car seat (and every carseat in halford hmm ), his push chair harness, the harness on his highchair, Ive had 5 stair gates and he either figures out how to open them of rags them off. He has always been able climb out of his cot (well from around 12mths) but he has never bothered to during the night, so things have been ok, until recent weeks when he has been climbing out several times a night (we have bought a bed DH is going to assemble it this weekend). We put a gate on his bedroom door which he now climbs over sad. He then wakes the entire house including DD1 who has ASD and doesn't sleep very well anyway!!! We live in an old victorian house with very steep stairs, if he falls down them he will most certainly do himself a nasty accident. Thankfully he's not yet figured out the lock at the top of the stairs, but i know its only a matter of time. Ive also had to move his drawers infront of his bedroom window turned facing the wall (so he cant use the draws as steps) with a blanket box on top, as he was climbing onto the window sill.

Im at my wits ends!! DD1 (ASD) needs alot of 1 to 1, especially when we're out. I need DS safe and secure at times, so that i can actually take all 3 dc out of the house!! together. We have a day out planned tomorrow and i am seriously considering securing DS into his pram with a padlock sad as i just can't see how else i am going to manage.

What i need to make my life hell of alot more bareable is some sort of anti tamper divice for both his car seat and his pushchair, and either an alarm on the safety gates or something he cant climb, but where or who can sort something like this out?

There are other behavioural and speech/communication problems, that i am at the point of seeking professional advice for.

smugtandemfeeder Thu 28-Jul-11 20:32:18

These people helped us immensely.


DS does not have a diagnosis yet but they were fab. Designed all sorts of things to stop ds escaping.

3cutedarlings Thu 28-Jul-11 20:54:51

Thank you smile I shall give them a call and see if they can help. What sort of things have they made for you?.

The thing is i have put off asking for any help with DS as i have always thought he was just a naughty highly strung little boy, lots of friends with boys as constantly telling me that there DS's were just as bad sad. TBH this just makes me feel like a really shit mum, i constantly need eyes up my arse. I have tried every single thing i can think of, from naughty step, to trying to ignore bad behaviour (which i cant as its often so extreme and dangerous) and over the top praise for good things, i know he wouldnt understand things like reward charts yet. I seem to constantly shout at him sad its just so frustrating. I feel like i dont even like him most of them time sad. Despite DD having ASD she is/was never this extreme.

coff33pot Thu 28-Jul-11 21:45:58

As a temporary measure can you use reigns that do up from the back and put the strap bit over the back of the pram so you can hold onto that as well as the pram handle? It may sound silly but a small suitcase lock like a combination lock to keep the pram straps together? At least he will fiddle but you will know the number to get him out smile

There are alarms that you can buy and are just small white blocks. One fits to the frame and the other to the door. If the door is opened an alarm goes off. Perhaps you could attach one to his bedroom door and one at a lower point on the gate (so he doesnt see it and pull it off).

3cutedarlings Fri 29-Jul-11 07:38:04

Thanks smile Im off on our trip armed with paddlock(s) and reigns. Im dreading it between DD1 and DS waking 20 plus times ive have about 3 hours of broken sleep sad.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 29-Jul-11 07:58:08

I've seen crelling harnesses recommended on here a few times. I'd also give the reins a go as well, I think most pushchairs still have D loops in them?

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