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Monkey world/peppa pig world

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TheHumanCatapult Thu 28-Jul-11 08:59:46

Sorry can not find the thread but know someone was asking about them .

Monkey world is fantastic not to crowded most the time and people soon move on froma window it seems . but hilly in lot of places So strong arms andor if child big enough you can hire a dual controlled powerchair but make sure you phone and book in advance as only 4 of them .you will need a £10 depsoit and something with your printed name on i for them to keep hold of .Lots of space and all outdoors

They have couple wheelchair swings but you will need someone to unlock them .but main park at bottom has coupel of spinning nets and a lie down swing that could be used if you cna lift them in .

Peppa pig world

it is good but nut as big as you think but it is very very busy ,queues upwards of 40 mins by 11am .we had the queue assist which allows you to go first but only once per ride .Though be aware they may ask a carer to ride wit the child even if the child is *techinally old enough to ride alone ) and carer must be over 18 .

you will need proof for asd/ld to get the pass .Though wheelchair wise we did not but they do say you shoudl bring even for that

Rest of the park was fine queues not very long at all so we did not need the queue assist .

Take change of clothes for muddy puddles or the bigger splash pool but wheelchairs can not go in that area at all .

Park is flat so easy to push and did not feel over crowded lots of space to get away from peopel if need time to calm down

TheHumanCatapult Thu 28-Jul-11 09:00:58

oh and when offered choice which would they like to do again .They picked Money world

TheHumanCatapult Thu 28-Jul-11 09:02:23

monkey world *

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