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Is the disability element of child tax credit means tested?

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emkana Wed 27-Jul-11 21:26:18

Just wondering?

emkana Wed 27-Jul-11 21:43:12

Wondering because we don't seem to be getting it, when I thought we would. Is there an income threshold?

lisad123 Wed 27-Jul-11 21:45:23

no, you get a set amount as disability element and then the rest is means tested. you get different amounts dependant on if you get mid or high rate care

WhoWhoWhoWho Wed 27-Jul-11 21:47:09

what lisad said smile

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:00:01

Ours is means tested - I have my tax credits award in front of me. We get 5116.68 for two qualifying children, 2803.56 disability element and 545.34 basic element this totals 8465.58 with adjustment due to income (of 8465.58) equalling a big fat zero!

emkana Wed 27-Jul-11 22:07:02

This is what they did to us, do you mind telling me your income, roughly?

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:10:38

Joint £55k - we got £43 per month 2010-2011 but 2009-2010 I was on maternity and took three months unpaid leave.

emkana Wed 27-Jul-11 22:22:17

Our income is 45k, and it seems we'll get no child tax credit at all now, evenly though ds is on the highest rate of dla.

lisad123 Wed 27-Jul-11 22:29:37

•a disabled child element ( £2800) - for each child within the family on disability living allowance (DLA) or who is registered blind;
•a severely disabled child element (£1130) - for each child within the family on the highest rate care component of DLA

check on

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:31:23

I think it's because the first 25k used to be disregarded but from apr 2011 it's only the first 10k.

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:50:23

Sorry I was wrong I meant to right this - the £10k thing is if your salary goes up

The income limit for Child Tax Credit is going down from £50,000 to £40,000 from 6 April 2011. This change means if your income will be over the new limit, your basic Child Tax Credit payment of £545 will be reduced.

The rate at which tax credits are reduced
The rate at which tax credits are reduced (known as 'withdrawal rates') as your income goes up will increase to a flat rate of 41 per cent from 6 April 2011.
This change means your tax credits payments may go down.

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:51:00

Write not right

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:53:11

This shows it worked out!

1980Sport Wed 27-Jul-11 22:54:15

chocjunkie Wed 27-Jul-11 22:55:14

they are income dependent:

see for example
The 'elements' [child, disability etc] you're entitled to for a year are all added together and are then reduced if your gross income (before tax and National Insurance is taken off) goes above a certain level. The higher your income, the lower your tax credit payments will be.

As far as I understand, the £2800 e.g. for the disabled child element is simply the maximum you can get... but you might get nothing.

emkana Fri 29-Jul-11 21:56:20

Phoned them and the disability bit hasn't been processed yet, so the jury's still out.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sat 30-Jul-11 09:09:40

I believe that if you get more than the basic family CTC of £545 you get the disability premiums on top, if you just get £545 then no premiums.

ouryve Sat 30-Jul-11 20:09:55

Yes, it's all means tested - the disability premium gets added onto the other elements of tax credits and is them subject to the same withdrawal rate.

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