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ds's whole body jerks

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Calally Wed 27-Jul-11 20:50:08

ive been noticing this more frequently. when ds is almost asleep, his whole body jerks/shudders. he had febrile convulsions when he was younger ( he's 6 ) his used to do this just before he had a convulsion. has anyone else experienced this, or could there be something wrong?

nightcat Wed 27-Jul-11 21:12:54

Prob nothing to worry about if it is only at going-to-sleep time (we all do that sometimes apparently).
My ds was having these throughout the night every 2mins, I was beside myself worried sick about epi;epsy.
It turned out gluten antibodies were destroying his brain, we went gluten free and the jerks have stopped. Prob extreme situation in our case tho.

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