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What is the next step.....! Statement Process

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Anna85 Wed 27-Jul-11 13:33:18

LEA has just given a "YES" to statutory assessment so what are the next steps and what will I have to etc!

coff33pot Wed 27-Jul-11 13:50:56

All I can help you with is that when the school sent the statement request off I then got a letter advising me that they had received the application and asking me to elaborate on DS and his needs. This I did. I then was send a referral appointment with a Community Pead. DS has has this appointment and both the school and I think that this is the actual assessment taking place "stage two" and that they are gathering reports and information to decided if DS should get his statement. This is as far as I have got smile

utah Wed 27-Jul-11 14:05:18

they now gather the evidence that the statement if issued will be built upon, my son's is basically a cut and paste of the ed psych report. For you, be clear on what you want the statement to say and keep this the objective at every meeting you attend and when you meet with professionals who assess you son. Try to relax as you will probably now have delays with summer holidays enjoy the first victory before starting the next battle.

drivemecrazy63 Wed 27-Jul-11 14:10:08

depending on your dcs age they will contact HCP and gather info, collected also from school/nursery , may ask for an appointment to see you and discuss and possibly send you for others inc EP and ask you in writting to elaborate.. the whole process takes 26 weeks its a slow old process unfortunately but if you have ay queries contact PP and look on sencop. they will then send a proposed statement which needs looking through thorouhly with fine tooth comb and asking them to change/ delete or add thigs missed out by them this will arrive without the school named and you then will have to either view schools you think suitable unless your happy with the current school/ placement.

pinkorkid Wed 27-Jul-11 14:16:05 - just posted this link to sencop on another thread. You can also ring up and ask them to send you out a hard copy for free. It will be an essential reference over the next 6 months to measure up what is offered against whant your ds is actually entitled to.
As drive me said partnership with parents are usually really helpful for checking reports, going with you to meetings to take independent minutes and general advice on the process. You can also get good advice on the phone from ipsea and sossen.

Anna85 Wed 27-Jul-11 17:16:21

PINKORKID - how do i obtain a hard copy of that document?

keepingupwiththejoneses Wed 27-Jul-11 20:16:45

Anna85 I have a load in my car as I work for parent partnership, as it is the summer holidays it might be a bit difficult to get hold of a copy. I would be happy to post one out to you, please inbox me if you want me to.

pinkorkid Wed 27-Jul-11 20:40:44

Hi Anna, sorry for delay - been offline for a while here are the contact details:

The Publications Centre
PO Box 5050
Sherwood Park
NG15 0DJ
Telephone: 0845 602 2260
Fax: 0845 603 3360

I rang up and they sent it out to me next day also the sen toolbox. hopefully this link to the site will work and you can browse anything else that looks useful.

drivemecrazy63 Thu 28-Jul-11 11:09:17

send off for one if you have to but worth just ringing your LEA mine sent a copy automatically when they said yes to statutory assessment so they may well send you one if you ask , its far too big to print off yourself although you can do ...good luck I hope all goes as smoothly as possible for you just remember to not get too upset and ask for help if anythings awry

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