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Appealing a statement: what to include at first stage

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BialystockandBloom Tue 26-Jul-11 22:18:14

We got ds's final statement at the beginning of July. Despite going back and forth with the LEA it was still vague, unspecific, and (most crucially to us) inappropriate to the specific needs of ds. So we're planning to appeal. We will be asking for ABA programme to be funded, but expect that this will not be granted, so will accept ABA-trained TA as school support without a home programme.

What evidence do we need to put forward at this first stage? I understand that when we've submitted the appeal we get the timeframe with date for submitting evidence from eg EP, SALT etc which of course we don't have now, but how much detail do we, as parents, include now?

Should we go through the statement line by line, or just outline our reasons broadly?

And does it make any difference? If we get the opportunity to submit all our evidence at a later stage, do we spend time going into huge detail now, or save it all until later? Do tactics play any part in this?

Help, as ever, much appreciated. Especially from ABA/tribunal veterans smile

BialystockandBloom Thu 28-Jul-11 20:55:36

Bumping please!

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